John Andrews

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    John Andrews
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  • BIRTH: 1680, , Rappahannock Co, VA
    DEATH: 19 NOV 1754, , Essex Co, VA
    Lived in At. Anne's Parish, Essex Co VA. John was a planter and a cooper. His will was dated 13 Aug, 1748, and proved on 19 Nov, 1754, as seen in Essex Co VA Will Book #10, p 7 & 27. John acquired and sold property most of his life, as recorded in Essex Co VA Deed Books 12, 22, 25, 27. He inherited from his father 519 acres in 1684. Arnold Motley, Essex Co Circuit Court Clerk claims that children Agnes, Hannah and John were by John Sr's 1st wife, Hannah Thorpe, and children Thomas, Mark and Mary were by his 2nd wife, Mary. Mary may have been Stockdale or Wyatt (proof not seen at this time).
    I'm finding indications that he may have had three wives: 1 - Hannah Thorpe, 2 - Ann Stockdale, 3 - Mary, who married Alexander Anderson after John Andrews died abt 1754. Mary is in Essex Co VA Deeds Book #12, p 172; and Deed Book #30, p 175 where she's mentioned as "mother-in-law of John Andrews and widow of his father, John Andrews".
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   John Andrews (1680-1754) VA-
Generation 2
[1.02*  ]   James Andrews (~1635-<1684)
[2.01*  ]   Elizabeth Starkey (~1635-)
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