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  • [WardOliverFile1.FTW] Noxubee County, Mississippi Will Book A, p. 20 In the name of God Amen. I Samuel White of Noxubee County and State of Mississippi being in feeble health but of sound mind do make ordain and declare this instrument to be my last will and Testament revoking all others. First. I will and bequeath that my land in Carrol County on Yazoo River be disposed of at the descretion of my Executors hereinafter named. Secondly. It is my will and desire that the money due me be collected and applied toward the payment of my just debts, and the remainder with the following named Slaves Nat, Christian & Julia I do give and bequeath to my son Jno. W. White who is my only heir and if he shall die before he arrives at Lawful age It is my will and desire that one half of what is herein bequeathed to him be divided among my nearest relatives and the other half among the relatives of my dec'd wife. Thirdly it is my wish and desire that Mathew Jackson of Charlotte Virginia enter as guardian of my said son Jno. W. and raise and educate him as he may think best. I do hereby constitute and appoint Joseph F. Roberts and John F. Mosely my sole executors and request that so soon as my just debts are paid to pay the balance of my said Estate over to Mathew Jackson as guardian to my said son. Witness Samuel White (seal) Jos. F. Roberts A. B. Roberts The State of Mississippi Noxubee County Personally came before me Thomas H. Dixon Judge of Probate for said County in open court Joseph F. Roberts and Alexander B. Roberts Subscribing witnesses to the foregoing or within Last will and Testament who after first being duly sworn according to Law. Deposeth and Sayth that Samuel White whose names appears to the foregoing or within will sign and publish the foregoing writing as his Last will and Testament that he was of disposing mind and memory and that they subscribed their names thereto in the presence of the Testator and each other at his Request in Testimony of the same. Sworn to & subscribed before Jos. F. Roberts me 1st Day July A.D. 1839 A.B. Roberts Thos. H. Dixon Judge of Probate The foregoing Last will and Testament of Samuel White dec'd was received and recorded 1st day of July A.D. 1839 and duly recorded the 18th day of July A.D. 1839. Jno. B. Roberts Clerk Note: The original will of Samuel W. White along with many papers associated with his estate are in Case Number 862, stored at the Noxubee County Court House, Macon, Mississippi. The original differs only in the spelling and capitalization of some words.
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Samuel W. White (~1812-1839) VA-MS
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   John White (~1778-1823) VA
[2.01*  ]   Elizabeth Moseley (~1780-1840) VA-MS
Generation 3
[1.03  4]   William White (1752-1827) VA
[3.01*  ]   Elizabeth Unknown (~1754-1841) VA
Generation 4
[1.04  5]   John White (1719-1782) VA
[4.01*  ]   Mary Unknown (~1720-) VA
Generation 5
[1.05*  ]   John White (~1670-1744) VA
[5.01*  ]   Catherine Brewer (1691-) VA
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