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  • [WardOliverFile1.FTW] Charlotte County, Virginia Will Book 8, p. 169 In the name of God amen, I Susanna Williamson of the County of Charlotte do make and ordain this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others- In the first place I direct the payment of all my Just debts & funeral expences by my Executors- In the next place I give to my Grand Son George M. Williamson the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to him and his heirs forever- I direct all my Estate both real & personal sold at my death. A considerable part of the property in which I am now in possession, I have lately purchased from the Trustees of my son Daniel in payment of what he owed me. I direct that all be sold, and as soon as the sum of $3187.70 is raised from the sales of my Estate to pay debts and legacies, that all over that sum be given to my said son Daniels children but should my friends Charles A. Rain, Elijah W. Roach, & Brice A. Martin be compelled to pay as securities for my said son Daniel & as much as my Estate may sell for over $3187.70, the Legacy herein given to my son Daniels children, I direct be paid to said securities in just proportions for any amount they may have paid as securities whether it be a sum to consume the whole Legacy intended for my son Daniels children or any part thereof. To my sons Daniel, William, Matthew & Samuel I have heretofore given what I intended for them. The Balance of my estate, I give in equal division as follows To the children of Son Charles one share. To my daughter Susanna Jefries one share. To the children of my daughter Mary Harvey one share to my daughter Martha Roach one share, to my daughter Nancy F. Haraway one share, to my son Cutbirth one share, to my daughter Frances White Taylor one share, to several of the above names children I have made advancements, I direct that each account for such advancements so as to make them equal, To prevent all contriversy & Law suits, should any arise among my Legatees, I direct that they choose three or five disinterested persons to settle the dispute, and their decision shall be final, & whoever will persist in contraversy shall not receive one dollor of my Estate. I direct & request that no security to be required of my Executors. Lastly I constitute and appoint my sons Wm B. & Dan'l W. Williamson Executors of this my last will & Testament, as witness my hand and seal this 27th day of January 1840. Witnesses Susanna WmSon (SEAL) Rich. Anderson John L. Vaughan Henry V. Glenn At a Court held for Charlotte County June 1, 1840. This last will and Testament of Susanna Williamson dec'd was produced in Court and the same was proved by the oath of Richard N. Anderson and John L. Vaughan two of the subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded. Teste Winslow Robinson CC (Sideways on the page: Daniel W. Williamson qualified as executor 6 July 1840- without security- )
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Susanna White (~1754-1840) VA
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   John White (1719-1782) VA
[2.01*  ]   Mary Unknown (~1720-) VA
Generation 3
[1.03*  ]   John White (~1670-1744) VA
[3.01*  ]   Catherine Brewer (1691-) VA
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