Matthew Pleasant McMahon

  • Name
    Matthew Pleasant McMahon [S33]
  • Pvt Co. B. 28th (Gray's) Louisiana Infantry The State of Louisiana Parish of Claiborne : To Rev Blackman or to any minister of the Gospel or Justice of the peace authorized to celebrate marriage within the Parish of Claiborne Greetings: You are hereby authorized and empowered to celebrate marriage between Mr M P McMahan and Miss Mary M Teutesch both residents of said parish and state to join them together in holy wedlock according to law given under my hand and seal of the District court this 15 day of Sept AD 1853 signed W T Cleveland Dy Clk Dist Court Return: The state of Louisiana Parish of Claiborne In pursuance of the foregoing license I have celebrated marriage between Mr M P McMahan and Miss Mary M Teutsch according to law In testimony whereof I have caused the parties to sign their names hereto in presence of the subscribing witnesses this 15 day of September AD 1853 (signed) parties M P McMahan, M M Teutsch (Witnesses) W M Solomon, Theodore M Black (signed) John C Blackman
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Matthew Pleasant McMahon (1829-1862) TN-LA
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   Hugh Blair McMahan (1804-1880) SC-AL-TN-LA-AR
[2.01  4]   Elizabeth HOOD (1807-1857) SC-AL-TN-LA
Generation 3
[1.03*  ]   David McMahen (~1775-~1828) CE-TN-USA-TN-AL
[2.02*  ]   Mathew Hood, Sr. (1756-1821) SC
[3.01*  ]   Sarah Unknown (~1780-) CE-TN
[4.01*  ]   Mary Smith (1759-1824) SC
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