Philip Howell, Sr

  • Name
    Philip Howell Sr [S310] [S475]
  • Name
    Philip howell
  • Name
    Phillip Howell Sr
  • served in the Revolutinary War with the rank of Lieutant in the
    Volunteer Troop Horse, Effingham Co., GA, Regiment M.

    (per A. G. Voight, 1929, pg 41)

    issued a passport for him, his wife and two negros to travel
    through the Creek Nation of Indians from Scriven Co. GA

    was on the tax roll

    Baptism 8/3/1769 - recorded -Jerusalem (Lutheran) Church Record Book, Ebeneezer, GA. A.G. Voight, 1929. Pg41) GA/d.

    Lt. Vol Troop Horse, Effingham Co., Regiment "M" Georgia State Dept. Of Archives, Atlanta, GA - Name Index Cards.

    Came to Mississippi in 1810 from Scriven Co., Georgia with a wife, 4 children, and 2 Negros, settling in Jackson Co., MS.

    Passports issued by Governors of Georgia 1810-1820 Page 98 - Wed. March 28th, 1810. A passport was issued for travel through the Creek Nation of Indians to Philip Howell, his wife and two negroes from the county of Scriven, GA.

    4 Children born in GA and 3 in MS
    6 Total Ancestors
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Philip Howell, Sr (1767-~1840) GA-AL
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   Thomas Howell (~1740-~1774) NC-GA
[2.01*  ]   Elizabeth Scruggs (1740->1772) NC-GA
Generation 3
[1.03  4]   Caleb Howell (~1710-<1785)
[3.01*  ]   Charity Annette (1710-~1800) NC
Generation 4
[1.04*  ]   Philip Howell (~1639-~1711) ENG-PA
[4.01*  ]   Jane Luffe (1640-1697) GLS-PA
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