Robert Samuel Andrews

  • ROUGH CREEK CHURCH Part I - Charlotte County, Virginia ROUGH CREEK PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Part I of III Transcribed and submitted by Ward Oliver - 1997Indexed by Theresa Wright ------------------------------- NOTICE: Data may be freely used by non-commercial entities, as long as this message remains on all copied material. These electronic pages CANNOT be reproduced in any format for profit or other presentation.- . 14th Session. R. C. Church, 4th May 1828. The session met. Present, all the members. Robert S. Andrews, Martha Andrews, his wife, and Frances White, upon examination of their faith in Christ, were admitted to the Communion of the Church. Saml Armistead, Modr. 20 15th Session. R. C. Church, 19th July 1828 The Session met. Present all the members. Constituted with prayer. John H. Rice D.D. being present was requested to sit as a member, and assist in the deliberations of the Session. The following persons were admitted upon examination to the Communion of the Church Cutbirth Williamson Charles C Harvey Nancy Harvey, his wife James A. Noel Susanna Noel, his wife Elizabeth W White, widow upon certificate, Ann Raines, from Buffalow Joseph M. Armistead Mrs. Lydia Price } from Hat Creek Miss Martha Roach } Saml Armistead, Modr. D.W. Williamson, Clk. Rough Creek 16 March 1834 3rd Congregational meeting In Compliance with a previous notice the Congregation convened for the purpose of electing more Elders. When the number of 4 was proposed & agreed to after which the following members were duly appointed without opposition. Viz. William B. Williamson Robert Glenn Doctor William Fuqua Robert Andrews Page 57 Session 16 Sept. 1838 At Ro. C. ChurchThe Session met and was constituted with prayer by the Revd. George A. Baxter D.D. who acted as Moderator. present Messers Jackson, Madison, Glenn, Andrews, & Armistead, & Williamson. Postponed the appointment of a delegate to Presby & Synod appointed to meet Friday evening 3 O'C P.M. Ordered that R.S. Andrews & Martha his wife be dismissed from this Church to Join some other Church and that they be affectionately recommended as members in good standing. George a. Baxter, Modr. D.W. Williamson - Clk.
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Generation 1
[1.01  2]   Robert Samuel Andrews (1794-1848) VA-LA
Generation 2
[1.02  3]   John Andrews (1749-1817) VA
[2.01  4]   Edith Strange (~1771-1817) VA
Generation 3
[1.03  5]   Mark Andrews (1725-1775) VA
[2.02*  ]   Nathaniel Strange (~1757-)
[3.01*  ]   Ava Garnett (~1715-1768)
[4.01*  ]   _____ Martha (~1757-)
Generation 4
[1.04  6]   John Andrews (1680-1754) VA-
[5.01  7]   Mary Wyatt (~1680-)
Generation 5
[1.05*  ]   James Andrews (~1635-<1684)
[5.02*  ]   Thomas Wyatt (~1644-)
[6.01*  ]   Elizabeth Starkey (~1635-)
[7.01*  ]   Susan Unknown (~1644-)
Mark Edwin Andrews (1844-1904)
John Andrews (1749-1817)
Edith Strange (~1771-1817)
Mark Andrews (1725-1775)
Ava Garnett (~1715-1768)
_____ Martha (~1757-)
John Andrews (1680-1754)
Mary Wyatt (~1680-)
James Andrews (~1635-<1684)
Thomas Wyatt (~1644-)
Susan Unknown (~1644-)
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