Baronies of Donegal

County Donegal

Baronies: Up to the end of the nineteenth century, counties were subdivided into baronies, although they were not much used for administrative purposes and thus figure little in the records relevant to genealogical research.  There were about 325 baronies in the whole of Ireland, with eight or parts of eight in Donegal.   When a civil parish spans more than one Barony, the parish page will indicate to which Barony a townland belongs.  Occasionally a townland spans two Baronies; in such cases there are two entries for that townland in the parish page.

Clonca ParishCuldaff ParishCuldaff ParishMoville Lower ParishMoville Upper ParishDonagh ParishClonmany ParishDesertegny ParishBarr of Inch or Mintiaghs ParishMuff ParishFahan Upper ParishBurt ParishAllsaints ParishKillea ParishRaymoghy ParishTaughboyne ParishAghanunshin ParishAughnish ParishTullyfern ParishKilmacrenan ParishClondavaddog ParishKillygarvan ParishFahan Lower ParishInch ParishRaphoe ParishClonleigh ParishLeck ParishConvoy ParishDonaghmore ParishUrney ParishStranorlar ParishKilteevoge ParishConwal ParishGartan ParishMevagh ParishRaymunterdoney ParishClondahorky ParishTullaghobegley ParishTemplecrone ParishLettermacaward ParishKillymard ParishDonegal ParishDrumhome ParishTemplecarn ParishInishmacsaint ParishKilbarron ParishInishkeel ParishInishkeel ParishKillybegs Lower ParishInver ParishKillaghtee ParishKillybegs Upper ParishKilcar ParishGlencolumbkille Parish
  1. Aghanunshin
  2. Allsaints
  3. Aughnish
  4. Barr of Inch or Mintiaghs
  5. Burt
  6. Clonca
  7. Clondahorky
  8. Clondavaddog
  9. Clonleigh
10. Clonmany
11. Convoy
12. Conwal
13. Culdaff
14. Desertegny
15. Donagh
16. Donaghmore
17. Donegal
18. Drumhome
19. Fahan Lower
20. Fahan Upper
21. Gartan
22. Glencolumbkille
23. Kilbarron
24. Kilcar
25. Killaghtee
26. Killea
27. Killybegs Upper
28. Killybegs Lower
29. Killygarvan
30. Killymard
31. Kilmacrenan
32. Kilteevoge
33. Inch
34. Inishkeel
35. Inishmacsaint
36. Inver
37. Leck
38. Lettermacaward
39. Mevagh
40. Moville Lower
41. Moville Upper
42. Muff
43. Raphoe
44. Raymoghy
45. Raymunterdoney
46. Stranorlar
47. Taughboyne
48. Templecarn
49. Templecrone
50. Tullaghobegley
51. Tullyfern
52. Urney

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