Husler, Stites; Fabisch, Breathitt; Legensa, Gant, Thompson

Bill's Family Tree

Well, I haven’t been able to verify all of it yet (I guess you never can), but here’s what I’s got so far. I have added source information where I have it. Please take any references that have no source info as only research possibilities.  Let me know what you think.
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  Our family tree

  Family Group Sheets (with pictures)
            (Created using Reunion).
            (Also created using Reunion).
The more traditional sideways view (courtesy of World Connect)
A Listing of ourVetran Ancestors (a memorial day special)
Our Family Cookbook

 The Online Thompson Book by Barney Thompson.
I did finally make contact with Barney and so I can now say that it is with his blessing that I make this available. He tells me that the print version is out of print and that he has no plans for a second printing.

  Bill's Private Office. 


  • Soundex codes begin with the first letter of the surname followed by a three-digit code that represents the first three remaining consonants.
  • Soundex Coding Guide
    1 - B,P,F,V
    2 - C,S,G,J,K,Q,X,Z
    3 - D,T
    4 - L
    5 - M,N
    6 - R
  • The letters A,E,I,O,U,Y,H, and W are not coded.
  • Surname prefixes are generally not used in the soundex

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