Civil War letters from Daivid Bidleman to Jane

Letters from my Great Great Grandfather David Bidleman to his wife Janewhile in theService of the Federal Army during the Civil War  

March 15, 1865 Camp Butler
April 6, 1865 Forte Morgan Mobile Bay
Dear Wife I am well and proper
You are well I do not know
now soon we will organize
and get away we have elected
our officers and we have 84 men
some have been sick with
chills I want you to write and
tell me whether your father had
paid that one hundred dollars
to Mrs. Whitlow for Popenoe he is
onxious to know about it
we have had considerable rain
here the last two days but
the ground is now drying off
We are mustered in now and
??? pray commences we may
leave here in two days and
may not leave until next week
Direct to me to Camp
Butler in care of Capt Rose
47 Reg Illinois Volunteers
                    David Bidleman

Dear Wife I arrived here last
night after a tedious  ???
sage of 24 hours from New
Orleans we were nearly all
sea sick and  we were
glad when we got ashore
we are about 30 mile from
the battle field I expect
we will go to the front to
morrow our division on
corps is Gen Smith we 
occupy the Centre
Mobile is not taken ????
freed we will have some work
to do there was 300 wounded
men sent to New Orleans
last saturday so reports
siege. My health is good
and I am in good spirits
(the rest is illegible goes onto one
more line)

This letter not dated
second half of letter not dated
Dear Jane