Below are the surnames from Rev. Martin Bieber's book. I have scanned all the pages of those born before 1900.
Beware of spelling variations in these names. I know there are errors in some of these pages. Use them as a source, but not your only source.

The names are listed by surname of the husband, as well as maiden name of the wife. Each highlighted given name will take you to a scan of Martin's original work. Please be patient. Each scan will take about a minute to load at 56K. These scans do not print well from a browser. You can save them to your computer by right clicking on the scan and choosing save (Netscape), or save picture (Internet Explorer). You may then use a graphics program to print a copy.

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Surname Given Name Birth Year Spouse(s)
Albrecht Caroline 1863 Christian Bieber
Aman Christ 1894 Katherina Hausauer
Balliet Jacob 1889 Dorothea Strobel
Bieber Barbara 1872 Jacob Strobel
Bieber Carolina 1872 John Stotz
Bieber Caroline circa 1850 John Liedle
Bieber Caroline circa 1886 Edward Reitz
Bieber Christian 1896 Mary Buechler
Bieber Christian 1861 Caroline Albrecht
Bieber Christian 1881 Margaretha Huber
Bieber Christian 1873 Christina Miller
Bieber Christiana circa 1840 John Hausauer
Bieber Christiana 1862 Martin Grosz
Bieber Christina 1888 Chris Engel
Bieber Christina 1891 Emanuel Rieger
Bieber Elizabeth 1892 David Mertz
Bieber Elizabeth 1871 Daniel Jundt
Bieber Emilie 1903 Johann Walz
Bieber Fred 1887 Louise Kappes
Bieber Fredericka circa 1840 John Hausauer
Bieber Fredericka 1873 Karl Jacober
Bieber Fredericka 1894 John Schaible
Bieber Friedrich 1879 Rosina Hausauer
Bieber Gideon 1899 Emma Seif
Bieber Henrich 1878 Katherina Strobel
Bieber Jacob 1878 Katherina Eisenbeisz
Bieber Jacob circa 1845 Rosina Hausauer
Bieber Jacob 1892 Pauline Heyne
Bieber Jacob 1867 Julianna Krause
Bieber Jacob 1894 Emma Green
Bieber Jacob 1835 Christiana Ritter
Bieber Jacob 1846 Rosina Grenzler
Bieber Jacob 1896 Eva Perman
Bieber Johan 1883 Schell
Bieber Johann 1869 Elizabeth Schumacher
Bieber Johanna circa 1840 Philip Lapp
Bieber John 1890 Barbara Buechler
Bieber John 1883 Katherin Eisenbeisz
Bieber John 1898 Thelma Schuchard
Bieber John 1894 Cecelia Miller
Bieber Karolina 1876 Fred Strobel
Bieber Katherina 1863 Christian Eisenbeisz
Bieber Magdalena 1867 Christian Bossert
Bieber Maria 1886 Jacob Strobel
Bieber Maria 1880 Gottlieb Kiesz
Bieber Mary 1897 Art Gerharden
Bieber Philip 1889 Rosina Pietz
Bieber Rosina 1899 Alexander Kiesz
Bieber Rosina 1871 John Laesle
Bieber Rosina (page 2) 1871 John Laesle
Bieber Rosina 1882 Daniel Voegele
Bieber Rosina 1871 Karl Hausauer
Bieber Solomon 1813 Carolina Kiesz
Bieber Solomon 1842 Magdalena Gaub
Bieber Solomon 1894 Ida Holmberg
Bieber Solomon 1882 Elizabeth Goetz
Bieber Solomon circa 1840 Vogele
Bieber Solomon 1866 Katherina Walth
Bieber Solomon circa 1840 Fredericka Kemmet
Bossert Christian 1865 Magdalena Bieber
Bossert Elizabeth 1898 Jacob Rueb
Bossert Katherine 1897 Fred Scherle
Bossert Magdalena 1892 John Buechler
Bossert Maria 1889 Jacob Buechler
Breke Clara circa 1899 Jacob Laesle
Buechler Barbara 1898 John Bieber
Buechler Jacob 1887 Maria Bossert
Buechler John 1890 Magdalena Bossert
Buechler Mary 1900 Christian Bieber
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Eisenbiesz Christian circa 1863 Katherina Bieber
Eisenbiesz Frederika 1891 Liecht
Eisenbiesz Katherine 1885 John Bieber
Eisenbiesz Katherina 1884 Phillip Miller
Eisenbiesz Katherina circa 1878 Jacob Bieber
Eisenbiesz Rosina 1892 Miller
Engel Chris circa 1888 Christina Bieber
Gaub Magdalena 1844 Solomon Bieber
Gerharden Art 1892 Mary Bieber
Goetz Elizabeth circa 1882 Solomon Bieber
Green Emma 1898 Jacob Bieber
Grenzler Rosina 1850 Jacob Bieber
Grosz Martin 1858 Christiana Bieber
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Hausauer Henry 1894 Christina Miller
Hausauer John circa 1840 Fredericka Bieber
Hausauer Katherina 1896 Christ Aman
Hausauer Karl 1870 Rosina Bieber
Hausauer John circa 1840 Christiana Bieber
Hausauer Katherina 1865 Christian Schwaderer
Hausauer Rosina circa 1845 Jacob Bieber
Hausauer Rosina 1882 Frederich Bieber
Hettich John 1899 Lydia Kiesz
Heyne Pauline 1895 Jacob Bieber
Hoff Jacob 1899 Martha Strobel
Holmberg Ida 1898 Solomon Bieber
Huber Margaretha 1885 Christian Bieber
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Jacober Karl circa  1873 Fredericka Bieber
Jundt Daniel 1868 Elizabeth Bieber
Kappes Louise 1892 Fred Bieber
Kemmet Fredericka circa  1840 Solomon Bieber
Kiesz Alexander 1900 Rosina Bieber
Kiesz Carolina circa  1813  Solomon Bieber
Kiesz Gottlieb 1880 Maria Bieber
Kiesz Lydia 1904 John Hettich
Krause Julianna 1875 Jacob Bieber
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Laesle David 1894 Rosina Unruh
Laesle Jacob 1899 Clara Breke
Laesle John 1867 Rosina Bieber
Laesle John (page 2) 1867 Rosina Bieber
Laesle John 1891 ?
Laesle Theresa 1895 John Nies
Lapp Philip circa 1840 Johanna Bieber
Leicht ? circa 1891 Frederika Eisenbeisz
Liedle Carolina circa 1880 Christian Perman
Liedle John circa 1850 Caroline Bieber
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Mertz David 1892 Elizabeth Bieber
Miller ? circa 1892 Rosina Eisenbeisz
Miller Cecelia 1901 John Bieber
Miller Christina circa 1873 Christian Bieber
Miller Christina 1895 Henry Hausauer
Miller Phillip circa 1884  Katherina Eisenbiesz
Nies John 1889 Theresa Laesle
Perman Christian circa 1880 Carolina Liedle
Perman Eva 1900 Jacob Bieber
Pietz Rosina 1900 Philip Bieber
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Reiner Julius 1898 Helene Strobel
Rieger Emanuel 1889 Christina Bieber
Rietz Edward 1886 Caroline Bieber
Ritter Christiana 1842 Jacob Bieber
Rueb Jacob 1896 Elizabeth Bossert
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Schaible John 1895 Fredericka Bieber
Scherle Fred 1889 Katherine Bossert
Schuchard Thelma circa  1898 John Bieber
Schumacher Elizabeth 1872 Johann Bieber
Schwaderer Christian circa  1865 Katherina Hausauer
Seif Emma 1903 Gideon Bieber
Schell ? circa  1883 Johan Bieber
Stotz John circa  1872 Carolina Bieber
Strobel Dorothea 1895 Jacob Balliet
Strobel Emile 1906 Earl Thomas
Strobel Fred 1876 Karolina Bieber
Strobel Helene 1906 Julius Reiner
Strobel Jacob 1871 Maria Bieber
Strobel Jacob 1871 Barbara Bieber
Strobel Katherina 1877 Henrich Bieber
Strobel Martha 1901 Jacob Hoff
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Thomas Earl 1886 Emilia Strobel
Unruh Rosina circa  1894 David Laesle
Vogele ? circa  1840  Solomon Bieber
Voegele Daniel 1876 Rosina Bieber
Walth Katherina 1868 Solomon Bieber
Walz Johann(Ferdinand) 1897 Emilie Bieber


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