There are no more classes, but........

Informal Meetings:    Held at 2. Blossomfield Rd.  

Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings  10.00 for 11.00 am

         2006 11th /12th September,

         2006 11th/12th December

         2007 10th/11th April  

£1.00  for room hire.  


As set out in April 2002  


Trips will continue while there is money left. Please support us. Guests will be welcome individual hosts to pass on the rules.

leave the east side public car park at Knowle 6.15 ( entrance at the side of the Greswolde Hotel )

leave  Princes Way (all day parking under bridge) ….      by 6.25 a.m.

leave Solihull Station, by the car park                   …..       by 6.30 a.m.

and arrive (at the back of Family Record Centre )  ….      by 9.00a.m.

  Saturday trips to Kew / Islington leave at 6.15 am / 6.25 am / 6.30  

Return leave Islington c. 4.00 & Kew 5.00.

Saturday trips to Islington only leave at 6.30 am / 6.40 am / 6.45


  A  5-minute stop en-route will delay us, so we leave Knowle/Solihull earlier if all passengers are present. Please ensure you have ticked the correct pick-up point.

  On weekdays we leave London by 4.15, so avoiding some of the rush hour traffic. With one short stop, we aim to arrive home by 7.30 if those who’ve booked ‘singly’ sit by other ‘singles’ it will ensure that couples get seats together. No smoking on the coach please.

  The cost depends on the cost of coach hire, and (including driver’s tip) is currently £15.00: non-refundable. Full payment when booking: cheque's to ‘Earlybirds’. If others are waiting for places, those not having paid will have there names transferred to the Waiting List. The ‘stand-by’ list is for those unable to commit themselves. Please don’t add names to the main list unless sure you will be able to go. Do phone the night before, to book seats.

  Cancellations should me made immediately, as waiting list people need notice. For last-minute cancellations (so that we don’t wait unnecessarily ) 

Phone Ann Ash 0121 705 4050 before 10.00 p.m. the previous evening or between 4/5.30 and 4/5.50 on the morning of the trip. Knowle passengers should arrange to pass messages to others at Knowle.

  Stamped- addressed-envelopes for details of future trips!

Trip List Dates

Lists open 2-3 months ahead

With your commitment, trips, will continue.

Weekday London trips:

 * London Metropolitan Archives open on these dates.


Sat 8th July          to             Islington*

Sat 7th October       to   Kew/Islington

Sat 25th November  to           Islington*


Sat 27th January     to         Islington*         

Sat 28th April         to Kew/Islington *              

Sat 8th July              to  Kew/Islington*

Sat 7th October        to Kew/Islington

Sat 24th November  to         Islington*

£15.00 with booking by post, on trips, at meetings, in class.

Separate cheque's ( ‘Earlybirds’ ) & trip details on reverse.

Near  trip date, please phone first.

No  refunds. See 2002 ‘Rules’.

Trips open to all-comers. Host to pass on rules.

We currently use    JOHNSONS  Coaches 

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