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    Povey's of Birmingham in    the 19th & 20th Century


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Street  Map of the area where Birmingaham Povey's lived.

 Gladys Povey's Line

Gladys Povey's brothers

Birmingham Button Trade

Thomas Keight and Sarah Lily Povey's Line

Ronald Povey's Line

The Povey Name

Variations and its History

  During my research I have come across the following  variations :- Povah, Poveh, Pover, Poverly, Povey, Povy, Povi, Povie, Povoy, Povye, Puvey, Puvvy, and a transcription error on the Warwickshire 1851 census CD, a Francis Povey is recorded with the surname Povery.

Scribes and parish clerks writing down a name phonetically, spoken by a person with a dialect unfamiliar to them would have caused some variations.

  Povey is said to be a ancient name that came from the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is a name for a person with the characteristics of an owl. Monks in Europe from the time of the Dark Ages wrote all the records in documents such as the Inquisitio, the Doomsday Book,the Ragman Rolls, Assize Rolls, and Curia Regis Rolls. And other clerics and their clerks recording baptismal, parish records, Hearth Tax and other tax records. In the early documents  the name Povey appears to be centered on North Cheshire and South Lancashire, and Gloucestershire where the family of Sir John Povey held large estates. Samuel Pepys was regularly entertained by Justian Povey the Auditor of the Exchequer and Accountant-General to Anne of Denmark, His son Thomas held a high post in the Council for The Colonies in 1658.

  The earliest record found so far in church records in Warwickshire is for Hennery Puvvy baptism (from IGI) at Edgbaston 21th  April 1641.

The Birmingham Povey’s at the end of the eighteenth are known to be mainly Button Makers and Bone Turners and then Pearl Ornament Makers.

A Sergeant George Povey born in St Martins, Birmingham about 1778, trade Button Maker was discharged from the army1816, at Frankford Barracks, Plymouth. . He had been in the 36th Regiment, and was in the Royal Veterans Regiment for his last 12 months, Good character and entitled to a Pension. 

  Australian Povey researcher Link :- Daryl Povey http://www2.sebas.vic.edu.au/staff/dpovey/names/pov1.htm

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