Hormone Facts
Hormone Replacement Therapy

When I first started contemplating HRT I searched for information about the drugs used. There was no one place that had what I wanted to know, so I made a place. All the information for the Male>Female medications is directed at post-menopausal women, not directly at Male>Female. There have not really been any long term studies on the long term use of HRT drugs on Transsexuals. I guess, in a sense, we are all guinea pigs in this study.

Amongst this information you will find no dosage information. This is something that needs to be decided by YOU and your doctor. Please remember these medications are VERY dangerous if misused. Improperly administered they can even result in death. That is NOT the desired result. This information is here so that you can make informed decisions as to your care.

One thing I will say is that for best results you have to have your levels at least at pubertal level. Lets face it. That's exactly what you are doing. Forcing your body into puberty. Anything less will not give the best possible results. Many doctors suggest levels up near  the HMG levels shown below.

Normal Hormone Levels
Normal hormone levels for genetic males and females

Estrogen : ( pg/ml )

Male Testosterone : ( pg/ml )

Female - 0.0 - 2.2
Male - 7.2 - 24.0

Conversion factors depending on which "standard" your lab uses:
Thanks to several people smarter than me that figured this all out.

Multiply the pg/ml of estrogen by 3.671 to get pmol/l.

If your Estrogen is 435pg/ml
435x3.671=1596.885 or 1597pmol/l
Multiply the ng/dl of testosterone by 34.67 to get pmol/l.
If your Testosterone is .16ng/dl
.16x34.67=5.5472 or 5.5pmol/l
Divide the value of the "pg" by ten (10) [ Move the decimal point one place to the left. ] then change the "ml" to "dl" to convert to "ng/dl".
If your Testosterone is 1.6pg/ml

Hormone Fact Sheets

Wherever possible these are the manufacturers fact sheets for physicians.
Sometimes it's a little hard to understand the terms used but REALLY useful information.

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Male to Female

Medroxyprogesterone Acetate
There is some disagreement over the need for Progesterone. In post-menopausal women progesterone is recommended at least one month out of six. In genetic females progesterone is needed for, as near as I can figure, uterine health [ amongst other things ]. From my own experience, limited as it is, I believe it is necessary. For one thing I have seen major improvements in mental aspects when progesterone is started on someone that hasn't  had it before. I also believe that physical development is much better with progesterone in the regimine.


Female to Male