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One of the great pleasures in my life is reading. As you can see I read mostly Science Fiction. I hope you enjoy your visit. Pull up a seat and enjoy a great book.
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For a great read


Created by Dean Devlin & Roland Emerich.
If you loved the movie and the book, you will love the "prequal". Learn what led up to Independence Day and the invasion.


Created by Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich
Novel by Stephen Molstad
Love the movie? Read the book!

"AREA 51"

by Robert Doherty

Groom Lake Facility aka Area 51I just read this good book. Very entertaining story of what goes on at "Area 51".

This is supposed to be a satelite photo of the Groom Lake Facility.[ AKA Area 51 ]

"AREA 51: The Reply"

Takes you to the completion of this story. A wild and rocky tour of the world!

"U F O Crash at Roswell"

by Kevin D. Randle, Capt. U.S.A.F. Ret. and Donald R Schmitt

Another must read. Lots of information. If there was no UFO why did the government spend so much time and effort covering it up? They still won't admit what happened.

"The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell"

by Kevin D. Randle, Capt. U.S.A.F. Ret. and Donald R Schmitt

Their followup book reveals new insight into the cover up. The investigation continues.

"The Day After Roswell"

by Col. Phillip J. Corso (Ret.) with William J Birnes
" A former Pentagon Official Reveals the U.S. Government's Shocking UFO Cover-up "
Kind of plods along. Done in "flashback" mode. Poses lots of interesting ideas, I just wish I knew.


by Frank Herbert

To my notion the best story written and the worst movie ever made.
Since I first wrote this SciFi Channel has made a newer version of the movie, in three parts, which is really quite good. They have also just done "Children Of Dune" as a Trilogy. The first movie is "Dune Messiah", then the last two are "Children Of Dune".
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