Dorchester County, Maryland

The Genealogy Go To The Genealogy
A large comprehensive genealogy of individuals from Dorchester County, containing information assembled from census records, tombstone inscriptions, church and civil records. There are currently about 36,700 individuals included, with information from about 87,800 events. This genealogy is being actively updated!
The CemeteriesGo To The Cemeteries
A map showing some of the cemeteries in Dorchester County.
The Marriage LicensesGo To The Marriage Licenses
A transcription of the card index of Marriage Licenses of Dorchester County from the Maryland Hall of Records in Annapolis. This covers the time period from Dec 1780 to June 1886, a total of about 9600 records.
The PhotographsGo To The Photos
Pictures of people from Dorchester County.
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