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This is my first ever Web page! I don't know what I'm doing, but here goes. I am doing research on the various branches of my family. My father was Marvin L. Morris. I do not know much about his grandfather James Berry Morris. The Morris family tree as I know it is: James Berry Morris, wife Fida Stark. Son of James Berry is Walter Lee Morris, wife Mabel Erma Blackburn. Son of Walter Lee is Marvin Leon Morris, wife Cleo Mae Bird. Daughter of Marvin is Betty Lynn Morris, husband Walter Seifert. I have good information on Fidie (Fida) Starks from another website. I have some information on the Blackburns from my grandmother and from searching other sources. Mabel Erma Blackburn, my grandmother Robert Lee Blackburn, her father Lewis Blackburn, William Blackburn I have information on six generations of Birds, but I would really like to fill in a few gaps. Cleo Mae Bird, my mother William Arthur Bird, her father Lewis A. Bird George Bird John Bird I look forward to doing more research. The more you learn about your ancestors, the more intriguing it is.

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