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BAPTISM INDEX (1849-1862) - Grace Anglican Church, Markham Village

In the early 1980s, the late Marion Keffer gave me a handwritten listing that she had extracted from the registers of Grace Anglican Church in Markham Village, Markham Township, York County.  Her primary purpose in compiling this information was to learn the occupations and residences of the men who baptised their children at Grace Church.  Although the following baptism list does not include the child's name or complete date of baptism, it does serve as an index to early baptisms at Grace Church.  Reproduced here are Marion's notes for Grace Church, Markham Village.  If you are interested in checking the registers of this congregation you should contact the Anglican Church of Canada, Diocese of Toronto, 125 Adelaide St., E., Toronto, ON  M5C 1L8.

Information below is set up in the following order - Parent's names; father's occupation; abode and baptismal date.

"Occupations and residences of men whose children were Baptised in Grace Church Markham, with wife¹s name and date"

p. 1  BULL, Henry (Emma)   Carpenter    Markham   February 1849
   BURNETT, Daniel (Elizabeth)    Mason    Marrkham   June 1849
   ATKINSON, John (Sarah Ann)    Saddler    Markham    July 1849
   HENDERSON, Joseph (Sarah)    Shoemaker    Markham    July 1849
   LAHY, Joseph (Elizabeth)    Labourer    Markham    September 1849
   FORESTER, John (Sarah)    Farmer    Whitchurch    July 1849
   JOHNSON, George (Margaret)    Farmer    Scarborough    August 1849
   CAMERON, Thomas (Julianna)    Carpenter    Markham    October 1849
   JOHNSTONE, John (Euphemia)    Farmer    Scarborough    September 1849
   ARMSTRONG, William (Esther)    Innkeeper    Markham    November 1849
   CLELAND, William (Elizabeth)    Saddler    Markham    November 1849
   ROBINSON, George (Dorothea)    Carpenter    Markham    December 1849
   BELL, John (Ann)    Wagon maker    Markham    January 1850
   DALY, James (Mary)    Labourer    Markham    January 1850
p. 3    WHALEY, David (Ann)    Saw Miller    Markham    January 1850
   WRIGHT, Henry (Maria Phoebe)    Surgeon    Markham    March 1850
   PETERS, Thomas (Martha)    Blacksmith    Markham    March 1850
   GANTON, Jno. B. (Mary)    Tailor    Markham    August 1850
   HILL, George S.J. (Matilda)    Rector    Markham    September 1850
   HINGSTON, William (Jane)    Blacksmith    Markham    November 1850
   WILKINSON, Richard (‹-)    Labourer    Markham    December 1850
   ALSOP, William (Jane)    Farmer    Uxbridge    December 1850
   JOHNSTONE, Robert (Eliza)    Farmer    Scarborough    December 1850
   SYLVESTER, Richard (Margaret)    Tailor    Markham    January 1851
   COOKSON, Samuel (Elizabeth)    Labourer    Markham    January 1851
   DAVIS, J.H. (Nancy)    Tailor    Markham    May 1851
   SCHOLES, Francis M. (Jane)    Schoolmaster    Markham    July 1851
   KITCHEN, Thomas (Anne)    Labourer    Markham    August 1851
p. 5    JENNINGS, Thomas (Anne)    Shoemaker    Markham    September 1851
   LAHY, Joseph (Elizabeth)    Labourer    Markham    November 1851
   HICKS, John (Elizabeth)    Carpenter    Markham    November 1851
   HEBARD, Edgar (Mahala)    Miller    Markham    March 1852
   SKELTON, John (Mary)    Farmer    Ireland    June 1852 (a son b.1818)
   QUERIE, George (Mary)    Bricklayer    Markham    June 1852
   ALLEYNE, John Forrester (Ann)    Gentleman    Whitchurch    November 1852
   DEAN, Matthew (Eliza)    Labourer    Markham    January 1853
p. 7    JARMAN, John (Mary)    Blacksmith    Markham    February 1853
   WELSH, William (Jane)    Farmer    Pickering    June 1853
   MOORE, Wm. (Margt. Armstrong)    Farmer    Pickering    July 1853
   FORRESTER, John (Sarah)    Farmer    Whitchurch    July 1853
   KELLS, William (Mary)    Labourer    Markham    September 1853
   HUTCHISON, Robert (Elizabeth)    Labourer    Markham    October 1853
   MIGHTON, John (Mary)    Tavern Keeper    Markham    October 1853
   ALLEYNE, John Foster (Ann)    Gentleman    Whitchurch    February 1854
   HENDERSON, Joseph (Sarah)    Shoemaker    Markham    April 1854
   PORTER, John (Anna)    Farmer    Pickering    June 1854
   NICHOLSON, Andrew (Martha)    Cooper    Markham    July 1854
   BARNES, William (Nancy)    Yeoman    Pickering    September 1854
p. 9    BRITTON, Thos. G. (Susannah)    Merchant    Pickering    November 1854
   BURK, David (Jane)    Merchant    Markham    February 1855
   ARMSTRONG, William (Margaret)    Weaver    Pickering    March 1855
   JENNINGS, Henry (Sarah)    Labourer    Markham    March 1855
   HILL, George S.J. (Matilda)    Rector    Markham    May 1855
   HAND, John (Jane)    School Teacher    Markham    May 1855
   STOCK, William (Mary Ann)    Mason    Markham    June 1855
   JENNINGS, Thomas (Ann)    Shoemaker    Markham    July 1855
   STEVENSON, Robert (Ann)    Saw Miller    Markham    July 1855
p.11    SHERIFF, Patrick (Charlotte)    School Teacher    Markham    August1855
   WALKER, Robert (Sophie)    Carriage Maker    Hamilton    October 1855
   HUTCHINSON, Mark (Maryann)    Farmer    Scarborough    November 1855
   GILLESPIE, Edgar (Mahala)    Miller    Markham    November 1855
   WELSH, William (Jane)    Farmer    Pickering    January 1856
   JOHNSON, Robert (Elizabeth)    Farmer    Scarborough    February 1856
   HEWARD, Robert (Hannah)    Moulder    Markham    April 1856
   CAMERON, Henry (Ann)    Machinist    Markham    April 1856
   TODD, Thomas (Jane)    Moulder    Markham    April 1856
   HEPSON, William (Hannah)    Labourer    Markham    May 1856
   TAYLOR, Richard (Martha)    Engineer    Markham    May 1856
   CARTER, John (Mary)    Butcher    Markham    May 1856
    ROBINSON, Christopher (Elizabeth)    Labourer  Markham    October 1857
   BLOOR, George (Mary)    Butcher    Stouffville    January 1858
   THOMSON, Hugh (Mary)    Saddler    Markham    May 1858
   WYATT, Vitruvius (Mary)    Engineer    Stouffville    May 1858
   HUTCHINSON, Thomas (Mary)    Tobacconist    Markham    June 1858
p.13    WALKER, Calvin (Susannah)    Painter    Markham    August 1856
   GREGORY, James (Catherine)    Bricklayer    Markham    August 1856
   WILLIAMS, Richard L. (Anna)    Cabinet Maker    Markham    August 1856
   STEVENSON, Robert (‹-)    Saw Miller    Markham    October 1856
   MARSHALL, George (Jane)    Shoemaker    Markham    October 1856
   SHEILS, John (Rachel)    Innkeeper    Markham    February 1857
   McGILL, William (Nancy)    Contractor    Markham    June 1857
   STONE, Richard (Caroline)    Carpenter    Markham    February 1857
   MINNS, James (Jane)    Saddler    Markham    July 1857
   McKNIGHT, John Carlisle (Mary Jane)    ‹-    Pickering    July 1857
p.15    MULLAREN, Edward (Anna)    ‹-    Pickering    July 1857
   MORRISON, John (Jane)    ‹-    Pickering    July 1857
   MANSFIELD, John (Margaret)    Printer    Markham    August 1857
   ALLSOP, William (Jane)    Farmer    Uxbridge    October 1857
   MIGHTON, Samuel (Charlotte)    Inn Keeper    Markham    October 1857
   NICHOLSON, Andrew (Martha)    Cooper    Markham    November 1857
   HEPSON, William (Hannah)    Labourer    Markham    October 1857
   ROBINSON, Christopher (Elizabeth)    Labourer    Markham    October 1857
   BLOOR, George (Mary)    Butcher    Stouffville    January 1858
   THOMSON, Hugh (Mary)    Saddler    Markham    May 1858
   WYATT, Vitruvius (Mary)    Engineer    Stouffville    May 1858
   HUTCHINSON, Thomas (Mary)    Tobacconist    Markham    June 1858
p.17    STUDHOLME, Joseph (Margaret)    Farmer    Pickering    July 1858
   MacROBERT, Alexander (‹-)    Farmer    Pickering    July 1858
   BROWN, John (Mary)    Labourer    Markham    July 1858
   KELLY, Wm. Robinson (Johanna)    Tanner    Markham     July 1858
   ALLEYNE, John F. (Anne)    Gentleman    Whitchurch    August 1858
   MANSFIELD, John (Margaret)    Printer    Markham    September 1858
   MILLER, John (Ann)    Carpenter    Markham    October 1858
   STRONG, George (Anna)    Farmer    Pickering    January 1859
   MARSHALL, George (Jane)    Shoemaker    Markham    January 1859
   WILKINSON, Richard (Mary)    Labourer    Markham    February 1859
   CARTER, Richard (Fanny)    Labourer    Markham    March 1859
   NICHOLSON, Alexander (Martha)    Cooper    Markham    June 1859
   DIXON, George (Sarah)    Farmer    Peterborough    July 1859
   MIGHTON, Samuel (Charlotte)    Inn Keeper    Markham    August 1859
   CARLTON, Richard (Mary)    Weaver    Markham    September 1859
   JENNINGS, Samuel (Jane)    Shoemaker    Markham    September 1859
   JENNINGS, Thomas (Anne)    Shoemaker    Markham    September 1859
p.19    DIXON, Robert (Elizabeth)    Miller    Markham    December 1859
   GRAHAM, James (Isabella)    Farmer    Pickering    December 1859
   WHALEY, David (Ann)    Saw Miller    Markham    January 1860
   DAVIS, John (Mary)    Farmer    Whitchurch    January 1860
   WILLIAMS, Richard Usher (Anna)    Cabinet Maker    Markham    March 1860
   WATSON, Samuel (Sarah)    Tinsmith    Streetsville    June 1860
   FORRESTER, John (Sarah)    Farmer    Whitchurch    June 1860
   GRAHAM, William Henry (Margaret)    Farmer    Blanchard    July 1860
   WATSON, Joseph (Jane)    Tinsmith    Norval        August 1860
   HENDERSON, Joseph (Sarah)    Shoemaker    Markham    August 1860
   HUMPHREYS, Joseph (Maria)    Shoemaker    Markham    August 1860
   DAVISON, Robert (Elizabeth)    Clerk Div.Court    Markham    September 1860
   STEWART, Archibald (Mary)    Labourer    Markham    September 1860
   STUDHOLME, Joseph (Margaret)    Farmer    Pickering    September 1860
   ROOME, John (Sarah)    Farmer    Pickering    September 1860
   WILLIAMS, Richard L. (Anna)    Cabinet Maker    Markham    October 1860
   MANSFIELD, John (Margaret)    Printer    Markham    December 1860
   LAUGHTON, James (Mary)    Labourer    Markham    March 1861
   LANE, Henry (Ellen Rosa)    Merchant    Markham    April 1861
   SIZE, Jacob (Elizabeth)    Blacksmith    Markham    April 1861
   SIMMONS, James (Annie)    Miller    Markham    May 1861
p. 23    SNOWDON, Thomas (Ellen)    Shoemaker    Markham    August 1861
   EARNSHAW, Samson (Martha Jane)    Blacksmith    Markham    September 1861
   ANTHONY, John (Mary)    Carpenter    Markham    November 1861
   BELL, John (Anna)    Carpenter    Markham    January 1862
   DAVIDSON, William (Ann)    Mason    Markham    January 1862
   KENNEDY, Andrew (Ann)    Labourer    Markham    January 1862
   HAYNES, Daniel (Susan)    Farmer    Uxbridge    February 1862
   JENNINGS, Thomas (Ann)    Shoemaker    Markham    February 1862
   IRESON, Joseph (Sarah)    Tavern Keeper    Markham    March 1862
   DAFOE, Jacob (Jane)    Carpenter    Markham    March 1862
   DICKSON, Robert (Elizabeth)    Miller    Makrham    March 1862
   SNOWDON, Thomas (Ellen)    Shoemaker    Markham    March 1862
   WELSH, William (Jane)    Farmer    Pickering    March 1862
p. 25    MIGHTON, Samuel (Charlotte)    Tavern Keeper    Scarborough    May 1862
   WATSON, Samuel (Sarah)    Tinsmith    Markham    June 1862
   VARCOE,  Richard (Anna)    Inn Keeper    Toronto        June 1862
   STOCK, William (Mary Ann)    Mason    Markham    June 1862
   ROOME, John (Sarah)    Farmer    Pickering    July 1862
   CARTER, John (Mary)    Butcher    Markham    August 1862
   HUBERTUS, William (Mary)    Merchant    Toronto        August 1862

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