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St. Paul's United Church of Christ
5323 West Margaret Street
Monee, Illinois 60449

One view of the old church.  A new front entry, including a bell tower, was added in 1894, greatly altering the look of the church.  According to the church  records, when the new church was completed, the original building was sold at public auction.  It was purchased by Philip Bischmann for $230 and moved to the fair grounds where it was used as an exhibition hall for agricultural products, food, arts and textiles.  (Sorry, it's no longer there.)  The bells were moved to the new church in 1915.

Photo of the present church taken on a rainy day in summer 2000.
Church photos courtesy of Sue Eckert.

General view of cemetery.

Location of this stone is to the right of the center section of the cemetery, very first row facing west in the ground - white marble or limestone, other writing illegible.

Christina E ... von Ludwig Bischman_(?n)
geb den 15 Sep 1803
gest       11 Feb 1867
(There are no other stones around this one, though room for about 10 more.)

Location further in center section facing east-marker identified with surname on west side and info on east side ...

Phillip                       Magdalena
geb 19 Apr 1843      geb 15 Jan 1848
gest 6 Sept 1925      gest 31 Marz 1908
foot markers on the east side Father   Mother

The next stone to the right of above stone, same row, level to the ground is
Flora H. Kanneberg 1898-1937.  Flora is the daughter of Phillip C and Antonetta Bischmann. (No photo)

Location to the right, same row - inscriptions face west.

Philip C.       Antonetta
31 Jul 1870   10 Oct 1876
2 Mar 1952   15 Feb 1920

Next row or two east (behind)  the above 3 stones and to the left of
them, inscriptions facing west ...

Josephine  Otto A.
1889-......   1889-1951

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