Text Box: The BISSETT crest above is believed to be our families, and was acquired for the family by Aunt Ivy. 
Source of information unknown.

My name is Tracy Lee Bissett. I am a married, working mother of four boys, 22 yrs. and 16 yrs. Two step sons, 32 yrs. and 27 yrs. My hobbies include, my husband, my boys, my best friend, Thelma and Louise adventures, baseball, collecting sports memorabilia, genealogy, my buddies, surfing the web, cross stitch, collecting 45 records, watching movies...The list goes on and on...

I was born in Waynesburg, Greene County, Pennsylvania in 1959.  I have been searching my maiden name BISSETT for well over 10 years and my brick walls are set up back to back.

Our Bissett Family publishes an annual family newsletter to over 100 families in our BISSETT tree. We hope that number will continue to grow. If you are a BISSETT or related to the BISSETT's we would like to add you to our mailing list.  Please send and e-mail with your snail mail information. 

We also have an annual BISSETT family reunion every first Saturday of August in Lippincott Pennsylvania on the BISSETT farm. 

In July 1982 we celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary for Charles Homer Bissett Sr. and wife Margaret Ann Moody Bissett at their home, from which  began the annual reunion.


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