Mount Olivet Cemetery
Mount Olivet Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland
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Mount Olivet Cemetery is the resting place of three famous people:
Frances Ashbury-1745-1816
Mabel Trefry Lossing Jones-1878-1978
Rev. Eli Stanley Jones-1884-1973.

But to our family, the most famous of all is our ancestors Mary Jane Crowther Rowles 1832-1867
and her father John Crowther, Sr., 1804-1876
who were buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery well over one hundred years ago. In recent years the cemetery has been overcome by vandals and neglect.

For a PDF report of known names of those buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery, CLICK HERE.

Mary Jane Crowther Rowles and father John Crowther's grave
Mary Jane Crowther Rowles and her father John Crowther, Sr. picture taken in 1932. As you will note, the graveyard is packed full of tombstones in 1932, and amazing, the next two images are of the exact same view!

Mary Jane and her family moved west to Nebraska Territory. She passed away a month before Nebraska became a state. According to records of Mount Olivet Church, the grave of Mary Jane Rowles was moved from Whatcoat Cemetery. The Whatcoat Cemetery at that time was at Whatcoat Methodist Church, Snowhill, Worcester Co, Maryland.

Our relatives left Baltimore, about 1850, for Nebraska Territory. From there Mary Jane's daughter Anna Rowles Dyson's family moved to Alberta, Canada where she passed away in 1939. (Her descendant, Donna Weiss, DAR, and member of an historical society is helping to bring about changes to Mount Olivet Cemetery.)

Through the years Baltimore grew, spreading into the surrounding area leaving the church and cemetery behind. The church is long gone and the cemetery is almost gone itself with an alarming number of tombstones destroyed or vanished.

The images below of Mount Olivet Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland, February 2013, were taken by Ron Baublitz, of the surrounding view of Section M, plot 150. Ron took the pictures to show the neglect of Mount Olivet Cemetery, hoping someone will take an interest in the graves of their ancestors and do something about the terrible conditions there.

For more information about Ron Baublitz please go to his webpage at Find A Grave

John Crowther's grave

Is there something you can do to restore the cemetery?
The tombstone of Mary Jane Rowles' husband's grandmother Priscilla Chamberlain Donaldson was missing for years. After being vandalized, a descendant took it home to repair, but died before doing so. From there it went to a museum, and after years, ready for disposal when a descendant, Judy Richarson, accidently discovered it through emails. The tombstone was retreived and put back on Priscilla's grave.
This view and the next are the same view as in the picture taken of the graves in 1932. What a shock!

John Crowther's grave

Where is the Spirit of Americans to let something like this happen to the graves of our loved ones?
Can you be a detective and discover what happened to the tombstones? Could they have been removed by "grounds keepers" after being vandalized or broken? Are they stored in a basement somewhere, waiting for you to discover them and return them to their graves? Will you help look for them, please!

John Crowther's grave

It is shameful, what has been done to the graves of our ancestors.

John Crowther's grave

Together we can make a difference!

John Crowther's grave

John Crowther's grave

If you live in or near Maryland, would you please help restore the cemetery? Our thanks to you for whatever you can do.