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I started on my family history in the mid-1990s. Both of my parents had researched their respective family histories. My mother "published" her family data, within our family, in the early 1990s and my father passed his data on to me. My long term goal is to re-publish this data with as many sources as I can find. The trail leads from Louisiana back along the emigration paths in the South to their start in this country, usually in Virginia or the Carolinas. With a little luck, I will be able to take some these lines back to their European sources.

I am also researching my wife's family with a big headstart from data created by one of her brothers. This is primarily information centered in Virginia and the counties of Virginia that became West Virginia in 1863. Needless to say, I will be working on all this for a long time to come!

Information Content

I have tried to provide the basic information of parents, birth, marriage, children, death, and burial or as much of it as I know. I have occasionaly displayed other available information which I thought might be of interest, such as occupation and military service, when I had it. If you have an interest in a specific person, I may have more information than is shown on this site. Please contact me with that persons ID number [under their name on the person page for them].

I have tried to eliminate information on living people. If you see information about a living person, please contact me so I can remove it.

Accuracy Limitations

I have tried to make my genealogy research as accurate as I can. Since I am only human, mistakes are present in my information. Some apparent mistakes are simply judgement calls on conflicting data. When I have events with conflicting data, I have selected one as the primary [marked with an asterisk after the event tag] and the rest of the data is presented to show uncertainty is present. In any case, if you find what you consider a mistake or inaccuracy, please let me know. I may not change it but I will keep an open mind. I will explain my reasoning in cases I consider a judgement call.

Please do not take the information you see on this website as written in stone. As more research is done, as errors are corrected, or as judgement changes, this data will be added to, changed, and corrected. Look upon this information as a starting point for your own research. Such research brings its' own rewards.


This information would not exist without the hard work of many people. Nearest to my heart are my own parents. They passed their research material on for my use. My wife's oldest brother, now departed, also left research material that I have used. I have added to their efforts with my own work and by drawing on the hard work of others. I have listed the contributors in my bibliography of Sources as an attempt to give credit where it is due. In truth, no words can express my thanks for their hard work and willingness to share the results of their labors.


If you would like to know more about the origin of a particular bit of information, please contact me and I will provide what I have.