Melin/Dahlgren/Hammarberg Family Tree - Main Page

I dedicate these pages in the memory of my parents J. Richard Dahlgren & Helen Louise Melin

My interest in genealogy began when I was very young. My father told stories about his farfar and father coming from Sweden to the UP of Michigan and about the "family" left behind in Sweden. Having a Farfar and husband both from Sweden, my curiosity intensified over the years.

The journey to trace my ancestry began in 1993 when I wrote a letter to a genealogist at the Mellerud Museum in Mellerud, Sweden. The person who answered my letter also traced part of my ancestry. In 1994 my husband and I visited Sweden and began to walk the paths of my fathers family. While on our journey we also opened the door to my mothers ancestors in Västergötland.

I have worked sporadically over the years on the family history, managing to fill in some holes here and there. I have found many new living cousins both in Sweden and USA as well as data on our mutual ancestors. Publishing this site at has generated a whole new family I never knew existed.

This information has been gathered from a variety of individuals and sources. I am eternally grateful to everyone who has contributed to my family research. However, not all of the information has been verified.