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Hello welcome to my page! About me: Hello, my name is Joshua Black. After the birth of my son (b.2005) I realized that I knew nothing about my familyís past. In fact, the only information that I had was my late Grandfathers name and that we are probably German. Thatís it. The excitement, and at times the anxiety, of being a father made me feel closer to all of the family members that have come before me. In the past, all of our families have had to struggle to survive and to make it to a new country with no idea of what is to come. To know the hardships that our family has had to endure can only make me appreciate all of the things that I have now. I started on my journey in August of 2008. After an Ancestry.com account, pleading with my aunts, harassing distant cousins, and a few years later; I was finally able to piece together almost 300 years of my familyís past. With this page, I am hoping to connect to others that may share my past and possibly attain more information.

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