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The Granberry's and Blackmon's


Houston County Texas

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Samuel Bartholomew Blackmon


Floyd Elizabeth Granberry

September 17, 1901

These pages will give you the history of this family and their ancestors. If you have ties to this family please feel free to email me. I'm always glad to find another cousin or lost family member.

The name Blackmon is derived from the personal name Blaecmon. Originally found in the genealogy of the Kings of Bernicia about 765AD. In Scotland usually spelled Blackman. The variations of this name I have found in transcriptions of census and other records are Blackmon, Blackman, Blockman, Blockmon.

Ben Blackmon was born in Louisiana about 1855 on his families move from Alabama to Texas. The only relative I can find for Ben is his brother Isiah Blackmon born Jan.19,1846 in Alabama and buried in Concord Cemetery in Houston County Texas next to Ben's widow Mary Ann. It was said that Ben fell into a well he was digging and when seriously injured but later died about 1889. He was buried at San Pedro Cemetery but his grave was lost many years ago.

Ben Blackmon married Mary Ann Smith of Perry County Alabama in 1879 and they can be found in the 1880 census for Cherokee County. Shortly after the census was taken the family moved to Augusta in Houston County and lived there until Ben's death. Their son Samuel Bartholomew Blackmon was born on Dec.1, 1880. Then Maude Blackmon was born in 1881, Anise Blackmon in 1882 and Katie Bell Blackmon in 1883 and Elizabeth Irene. The only sibling of Sam's that I have found information on is his younger sister Katie Bell who married her Uncle Isiah's step-son Andrew Randall in Houston County on Oct.16, 1898. She was buried at the Concord Cemetery near her mother. Katie Bell has a Woodman of the World tombstone. There are several small graves next to hers that may be her children.

Mary Ann Smith Blackmon's maiden name was Smith. Her mother was Irene Bessie Hobson of Alabama and her father was Bartholomew Smith from Ireland. They are listed in a book on the Hobson family from Alabama. Children of Mary Ann Smith and Benjamin Blackmon were: Elizabeth Irene, Katie Bell, Sam B., Maude and Anise. After Ben died Mary married M.C.P. Smith of Houston Countyon Dec.23, 1897 in Crockett. Mary Ann's children with M.C.P Smith were Mildred Mary Ann, Veronie, and Thresa. They are listed in the book of Houston county residents. When M.C.P. Smith died Mary Ann Smith married a Ben Wolfley. They had no children. She is buried at Concord Cemetery Houston County TX next to Isiah Blackmon and his son and daughter in law, Isiah and Bessie Blackmon.

Samuel Bartholomew Blackmon married Floyd Elizabeth Granberry on September 17, 1901 in Houston County, Texas. Sam was a Baptist preacher at Jones School a community which is now gone. Sam and Floyd had 11 children: Durward, Roye L., Delbert Lloyd, Ronald, Wilmer, Osborn, Edna, Letha, Odessa, Erna, and Margie. You can find this family living in Houston County on the 1930 census. The married children are living nearby. Sam and Floyd along with several of their children moved to Houston, Harris County Texas in the late 1930s. Sam and Floyd lived in Houston until their deaths when they were brought back to Houston County near Crockett to be buried at the New Energy Cemetery along with other Blackmon family members. The only living child of Sam and Floyd is Erna, who is now in her 80's. She still remembers lots of details about her family history and has been a great help to me in putting this family history together.

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In another time and place
The minutes now stand still
Look upon this photograph
Transported at my will

Gaze upon this special place
With eyes my heart does see
The special love that emanates
Was once a part of me

Time and space it now stands still
With love I want to share
Placed into this photograph
The dreams of theirs I share

Feel the coolness of the breeze
The heartbeats of that time
Fill my soul with special dreams
Today for now they're mine

Just a faded photograph
That's all that you might see
Deep within a special place
This time calls back to me

Shadows and reflections
That give me happiness
These the things I treasure most
Life's special sweet vignette.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission