Alexander Lineage of Robert Alexander

Alexander Lineage of
Robert Alexander

1st Generation---------------------------

1. Joseph ALEXANDER. Born Circa 1750 in Pennsylvania Or Maryland.(not 100 % sure where) Died Jan 1791 in Macks Creek, Wilkes County, Georgia (now Ogelthorpe).
He married Sarah BELL (Widow), 14 Nov 1777 in Frederick County, Virginia. Born Circa 1756 in Virginia. Died About 1806 in Macks Creek, Ogelthorpe County, Georgia.

They had the following children:

2 i. Sarah ALEXANDER
3 ii. Joseph ALEXANDER
4 iii. John ALEXANDER
5 iv. Smith ALEXANDER

More about Joseph:

1780?: (Wilkes County, Georgia) Land Warrant 350 acres

1786: Tax List of Wilkes County, Ga. 350 acres, plus 2 slaves

1787: Tax List of Wilkes County, Ga. 350 acres, plus 2 slaves

In a Book entitled "Early Records of Georgia" Volume 1, by Grace Gillam Davidson page 298, refers to :
1 February 1791: (Wilkes County, Georgia) Joseph Alexander deceased. Sarah Alexander appointed administrix. James Kenny, sec.
April 1791: (Wilkes County, Georgia) Warrant for 150 acres to Sarah Alexander in lieu of an old Warrant of 350 acres to her deceased husband Joseph Alexander, 200 acres granted to Sarah, Joseph, John and Smith Alexander in lieu of an old Warrant to their Deceased father..
Also shown is,

The Will of Joseph Alexander was recorded in Wilkes County, Georgia Will book "DD" page 54, 1779-1792. This book however was rumored lost in a fire in the office of a lawyer who had borrowed it...

******NOTE****** Joseph may have come from Pennsylvania instead of Maryland. (not sure).. I, Robert Alexander, personally believe Joseph OR his father came from Ireland.. This Alexander line was closely tied to the Kinney / Kenny family in Va. and Ga. The Kennys were from Pennsylvania near the boarder of Virginia. After the French Indian War, several families were driven from Pa. back into Md. and some into Va.

The name Smith was probably taken from Capt John Smith, who was captain of the Military district where Joseph and Sarah lived in Georgia. Capt Smith also named a son Alexander about the same time as Smith Alexander was named. Edmund Alexander of Oglethorpe County also named a son Smith.

The very first record of the family name ALEXANDER was found in Kintyre , which is located in Scotland. The ALEXANDER family traces their ancestral roots back to Dalriadian origin before the year 1100. From here they branched and migrated, gaining prosperity as a notable family of Scotland and later other countries

More about Sarah:
April 1791: (Wilkes County, Georgia) Warrant for 150 acres, in lieu of an old Warrant for 350 to her decased hushband Joseph Alexander, 200 acres granted to Sarah, Joseph, John and Smith Alexander in lieu of an old Warrant to their deceased father..

May 1791: Sarah Alexander Executrix Wilkes County, Georgia Joseph Alexander dec'd estate. James Kenny Sr. co-sign bond. 25 pounds

1791: Sarah Alexander, Tax list 200 acres Wilkes County, Georgia in Capt Pattons District/Simston GM233.

1792: Tax list 250 acres Wilkes County, Georgia waters of Macks Creek.

1793: Tax list 250 acres Wilkes County, Georgia waters of Macks Creek.

1794: Tax list 250 acres Oglethorpe County, Georgia joins John Smith [Oglethorpe County formed from part of Wilkes]

1795: (Wilkes County, Georgia) The widow Sarah Alexander was not afraid to go to court. June term she brought suit against John Smith for slander. "referred by consent"

1798: Tax list Oglethorpe County, Georgia (Hudspeth District/Simston GM233)

1800: US Census of Oglethorpe County, Georgia (Captain Hudspeth's District/Simston GM233)
Sarah Alexander 1 female/white, over 45 years of age
Sarah 1 female/white over 16, not older than 26
John & Smith 2 male/white older than 16, not older than 26

1802: land warrant 50 acres Wilkes County, Georgia.

1805: Wilkes County, Georgia Court Case, Sarah Alexander vs. James Kenny, Jane Kenny, Robert Kenny. "We the jury are of the opinion judgment be set aside and that an injunction do issue."

1805: Wilkes County, Georgia Court case, Sarah Alexander vs. Executors of Nathan Thornton dec."Agreed by the defds. that they will pay the plaintiff $30."

1806: ?? land on Macks Creek Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

Second Generation

4. John ALEXANDER. Son of Joseph ALEXANDER & Sarah BELL (Widow). Born About 1783 in Washington County, Virginia. Died 14 Jul 1827 in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia. Buried in Near Athens, Clarke County, Georgia.
He married Elizabeth ? (Maiden Name unknown), About 1801 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Born About 1780 in North Carolina Or Georgia. Died After 1864 in Jackson County, Georgia. Buried in Mizpah Cemetery, Jackson County, Georgia.
They had the following children:

6 i. Elizabeth F "Betsy" ALEXANDER
7 ii. Sarah "Sallie" ALEXANDER
8 iii. Joseph ALEXANDER
9 iv. Smith ALEXANDER
10 v. Doctor "Doc" ALEXANDER
11 vi. Nathan Cicero ALEXANDER Sr
12 vii. William ALEXANDER
13 viii. John A. ALEXANDER

more about John:

1791: Wilkes County, Georgia. 50 acres as an heir of Joseph Alexander deceased.

1791: Wilkes County, Georgia Tax list (Ragans District).

1801: Clarke County, Georgia. Court Case Files of the Inferior and County Courts, 1800-1895
(Record Group 129-2-2) [Civil Cases]
Scott, William vs. Alexander, John; & Barber, Robert 1801

December 1806: John Alexander buys land on Macks Creek, Oglethorpe Co. Ga. 325 acres. From other Joseph Alexander Heirs $250.00 Bk. E p.334

03 Dec 1806: John & Elizabeth sale 125 acres on Macks Creek to Dred Thornton for $250. bk.E p.207

19 sept 1807: John sales 225 acres on Macks Creek to Daniel Safford for $400.

1809: John Alexander's name appears on a Jury list for Clarke County, Georgia.

22 jan 1812: John, Joseph, Sarah Alexander sale land Wilkes County, Georgia ?? acres to James Smith for $400 Bk.H p.101.

1816: Clarke County, Georgia Militia Records, 1816-1821
John Alexander - 1816

1820: Census of Clarke County, Georgia
Alexander, John 3-2-0-0-1-0-0-0-2-1-0-0-3-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0
3w/m under 10,
2w/m 10-16,
1w/m 26-45,
2w/f 16-26,
1w/f 26-45

1825: Clarke County, Georgia Tax Digest, in Capt Lorents Gahagan Dist. 1 slave $.62-1/2

1826: Clarke County Tax Digest, in Capt. Frost's Dist. with 1 slave, .62-1/2

20 July 1827: The Athenian carried the notice. DIED, In Jackson County, on Tuesday the 3d inst. Mr. James Witherspoon, aged about 40 years. In the vicinity of this place, on Saturday last, Mr John Alexander, about the same age.

12 December 1827: Letters of Administration on the Estate of John Alexander deceased were granted to Joseph Alexander, who was duly sworn and gave William Epps security.

4 April 1828: John Alexander's estate appraised for $726.75

November 1828: the sale of the estate of John Alexander.

4 of John's sons, Smith, Nathan, William and Doctor moved to Cobb County, Georgia.
1 daughter, Elizabeth moved to East Alabama, she died in Randolph County, Alabama

more about Elizabeth:

1830: Clarke County, Georgia: Elizabeth Alexander, head of household, children: 1m 5-10, 2m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1f 40-50, 2 slaves.

1832: Elizabeth Alexander (widow) in Jennings district ( 18th district, 1st section ) fortunate drawer of 160 acres. Union County, Cherokee land lottery

1840: Clarke County, Georgia, Elizabeth Alexander, f 50-60.
Home in 1840: District 240, Clarke, GA
County: Clarke
State: Georgia
Year: 1840
Roll: M704_39
Page: 222
Image: 52

1850: Clarke County, Georgia, Elizabeth Alexander age 80 (?), in household of Smith Alexander (son).

1860: Jackson County, Georgia, Elizabeth Alexander in household of Joseph and Lucinda Alexander age 80, birth place NC..?

Note: she was alive in 1864, when her son John included her in his Civil War letter. she died before 1870, at rest, and was buried, in the brick vault at Mizpah Church in Jackson County, Georgia.

Also, Some have refered to Elizabeth as a Gann or Payton, Peyton, Patmon, Patman, Patton

Third Generation

9. Smith ALEXANDER. Son of John ALEXANDER & Elizabeth ?. Born 1809 in Clarke County, Georgia. Died After 1870 in Cobb County, Georgia. Buried in Milford Baptist Church Cemetery, Cobb County, Georgia. Occupation Farmer.
He married Nancy Ann STEPHENS, daughter of David STEPHENS & Francis Mary "Franky" HARRIS, 23 Sep 1827 in Clarke County, Georgia By Joseph Hodges JP. Born 1812 in Clarke Co, Georgia. Died After 1880 in Cobb County, Georgia. Buried in Milford Baptist Church Cemetery, Cobb County, Georgia. Occupation Seamstress.
They had the following children:

14 i. John Harris ALEXANDER
15 ii. Sarah T. ALEXANDER
16 iii. Mary Francis ALEXANDER
17 iv. Elizabeth ALEXANDER
18 v. David ALEXANDER
19 vi. William M ALEXANDER
vii. Henry S ALEXANDER; Born 1844 in Clarke County, Georgia.
viii. Nancy A ALEXANDER; Born 1846 in Clarke County, Georgia.
20 ix. Elijah� A. "Lige" ALEXANDER
21 x. Thomas Tucker "TT" ALEXANDER
22 xi. Eliza Annette ALEXANDER

more about Smith:

1829: Tax Digest Clarke County, Ga. Smith Alexander, a Minor ? 1 slave $.31-1/4 in Capt Ganns Dist.

1830: Tax Digest Clarke County, Ga. Smith Alexander, a Minor ? 1 slave $.31-1/4 in Capt. Jennings Dist..

1830: Index US Census of Clarke County, Georgia.
Smith Alexander 20+
1m0-5, 1m 20-30
1f 15-20
1 slave.

1831: Tax Digest Clarke County, Georgia. Smith Alexander, 1 slave $.47 in Capt. Jennings District.

1832: Tax Digest Clarke County, Georgia. Smith Alexander, 1 slave $.47 in Capt. Jennings District.

8 jan 1833: Inferor Court Minutes Clarke County, Georgia. Smith Alexander appointed gaurdian of bro John, orphan of John Alexander dec'd *p 61.

20 March 1838 - 28 January 1841: 2nd Lieutenant in the Georgia Militia.

1840: Index US Census of Clarke County, Georgia. (240th District).
Smith Alexander 30+.
3m 0-5, 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 30-40,
1f 0-5, 1f 5-10, 1f 20-30,
6 slaves.

1850 September 13th: US Census of Clarke County, Ga. (Vinsons District) page 27 hh 352-352 Enumerated on the 13th day of Sept 1850 by J H Christy
Head, Smith Alexander age 40, famer, value $ 800
Nancy, 38
Mary, 15
Elizabeth, 13
David, 11
William, 10
Henry S, 5
Nancy, 7
Elijah, 2
Elizabeth, 80
J.L. Cochran (black male)
Smith's Mother, Elizabeth resided with this family ( she was 80 years old ) , also a black male ( J.L. Cochran )

1860:� US Census of Cobb County, Ga. (Marietta P.O.) page 481 fam 1845 Head, Smith Alexander age 50
N.A.f age 48,
Wm.A.m age 20,
N.A. f age 16,
H.S. m age 16,
E.A. m age 12,
T.T. m age 10,
E.A. f age 7....

5 August 1863 - thru - 31 January 1864: Smith Alexander was enlisted as a Private in the 7th Regiment Infantry, Georgia State Guards - Company K ( Cobb Repellers )

3 of Smith's sons moved to Alabama. David, William and Elijah.
and 1 daughter.

more about Nancy:

Nancy's Son John H was named trustee of her estate in Cobb County, Georgia on 11 December 1862. From this information it appears that her husband , Smith Alexander, preceded her in death. But, in the documents of exec. Smith Alexander (deceased) does not exist...

1870: US Census Index of Cobb County, Georgia. Nancy Alexander

1880: US Census of Cobb County, Georgia. Marietta
Nancy ALEXANDER Self W Female W 65 GA Keeping House GA VA

Fourth Generation

20. Elijah A. "Lige" ALEXANDER. Son of Smith ALEXANDER & Nancy Ann STEPHENS. Born 26 May 1848 in McNutt's Creek, Clarke County, Georgia. Died 29 Jun 1929 in Pontotoc, Pontotoc County, Mississippi. Buried in Springville Cemetery, Pontotoc, Mississippi. Occupation Farmer.
He married Frances Florida "Flurry" HUMPHRIES, daughter of Presley Thornton HUMPHRIES & Jane McAlpine MITCHELL, 20 Dec 1865 in Pine Knott, Randolph County, Alabama. Born 12 Jul 1848 in Randolph County, Alabama. Died 30 Jun 1922 in Pontotoc, Pontotoc County, Mississippi. Buried in Springville Cemetery, Pontotoc, Mississippi.
They had the following children:

23 i. Thomas Thornton "Tom" ALEXANDER
24 ii. Erastus Grief "Ras" ALEXANDER
25 iii. John Henry ALEXANDER
26 iv. Florance David ALEXANDER
27 v. Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" ALEXANDER
28 vi. Elijah Joseph Presley "Joe" ALEXANDER
29 vii. Martha Sarah Emenda "Mattie" ALEXANDER
30 viii. Robert Wilson "Bob" ALEXANDER
31 ix. James Andrew "Jim" ALEXANDER

more about Lige:
1850: US Census of Clarke County, Georgia.

1860: US Census of Cobb County, Georgia. age 12

September 1864: Randolph County, Alabama.
L. "Lige" Alexander, Age 16.
Enlisted in Company A, 7th Alabama Cavalry. 60 day volunteer.
Company "A" was partially recruited in Randolph County, just south of Calhoun.

14 May 1865: Gainesville, Sumter County, Alabama.
Surrendered with General Forrest and the men of the 7th Cavalry.

29 May 1865: Montgomery, Alabama HQ 16th Army Provost. Paroled: E. Alexander, Private, Co A, 7th Reg't Alabama Cavalry CSA.

1866: lived at Randolph County, Alabama. this later became part of Cleburne County.

1880: US Census of Cleburne County, Alabama (Pine Knott beat) page 219D
Elijah ALEXANDER Self MW 31 GA Farmer GA GA
Flurry ALEXANDER Wife FW 30 AL Keeps House GA GA
Thomas Son Male W 13 AL Farm Hand GA AL
Erastus Son Male W 11 AL Farm Hand GA AL
Henry Son Male W 9 AL Farm Hand GA AL
Florance Son Male W 7 AL GA GA
N. E. Dau Female W 5 AL GA AL
Elijah Son Male W 11M AL GA AL

Between 1880 and 1883 moved to Cullman County, Alabama.
somewhere between 1883 and 1910 they lived in Oklahoma for a short period...

1890: Around this time the family was in and around north east Fayette and east Marion County, Alabama

1900: US Census of Randolph and Robbs Precinct, Pontotoc County, Mississippi .
Elijah,father,May 1843,67,m25,AL,AL,AL,Farm Laborer
In the household of Erastus Alexander.
(Frances was not shown in this house) She was shown in a dwelling as head of house with her sons Robert and Jim, she is shown as widowed...

1910: US Census of Fayette Co, Alabama. (Russells Precinct). hh# 89
Alexander, Elijah head, m/w age 64(?) married 50 years (?) born Georgia, farmer.
Flurry, wife f/w age 64(?) born Alabama. 11 children birthed/ 9 living.

after 1910 moved to Pontotoc, Mississippi.

Name: E Alexander Age: 75 years Estimated birth year: 1844 Birthplace: Georgia Race: White Home in 1920: Clear Lake, Mississippi County, Arkansas
Roll: T625_73 Page: 21A ED: 151 Image: 0065
Alexander, E., head, 75, GA,GA,US
F.F., female, 75, GA,,GA,US
living next to Jim Alexander.

According to Elijah's obituary he was a veteran of the Civil War.�

4 July 1929: Pontotoc, Mississippi... Mr Elijah Alexander 85, passed away Saturday at the home of his son, Mr D.F. Alexander. He was buried by the side of his wife who preceded him about seven years ago. He was a veteran of the Civil War. In early manhood he was married to Miss Frances Humphries and were married about fifity years. To this union were born nine children, eight survive. They lived most of their life in this community except a short time they resided in Oklahoma. Mr Alexander leaves one sister who resides in Georgia. His children are,� Mr Florence Alexander of Pontotoc, Mr Tom Alexander of Blytheville, Arkansas, Mr Res Alexander of Eldridge, Alabama, Mr Bob Alexander and Mr Jim Alexander, both of Pontotoc, Mrs W.T. Burnett of Columbus, Mississippi and� Mrs P.M. Martin of Memphis, Tennessee. He had quite a number of grandchildren.

Fifth Generation

24. Erastus Grief "Ras" ALEXANDER. Son of Elijah A. "Lige" ALEXANDER & Frances Florida "Flurry" HUMPHRIES. Born 14 Jul 1872 in Cleburne County, Alabama. Died 19 Oct 1941 in Fayette County, Alabama. Buried in Pleasant Grove {Griggs Place} Marion County, Alabama. Occupation Farmer.
He married Margaret Ideller "Deller" WEBB, daughter of Taylor WILLIAMS & Prudence "Pruddy Or Prud" GRIGG, 22 Jun 1890 in Fayette County, Alabama. Born 1 Apr 1875 in Marion Or Fayette County, Alabama. Died 4 Sep 1958 in Haleyville, Marion County, Alabama. Buried in Pleasant Grove {Griggs Place} Marion County, Alabama.
They had the following children:

32 i. Lula Adaline ALEXANDER
33 ii. John Thomas ALEXANDER
34 iii. Will ALEXANDER
35 iv. Alta Vera ALEXANDER
v. Myrtle ALEXANDER; Born 1901 in Fayette County, Alabama. Died 1997.
36 vi. Beulah ALEXANDER
37 vii. Virgil "Bud" ALEXANDER
viii. Iza ALEXANDER; Born 1907 in Fayette County, Alabama.
38 ix. Valus Hill ALEXANDER
39 x. Loyd Cecil ALEXANDER

more about Ras:
1883: resided in Cullman County, Alabama.

June 1890: (Fayette County, Alabama)
Marriage license issued by Holland M. Bell, Judge of Probate. Marriage Ceremony performed by J.B. Smith, Justice of the Peace at the residence of I.J. Tucker.

1900: US Census of Pontotoc County, Mississippi, Randolph and Robbs Precinct, Series: T623 Microfilm: 825 Book: 2 Page: 88
June 1872,27,m10,AL,AL,AL,Farmer
Ella, wife,Apr 1874,26,m10,6,5,AL,AL,AL
Lula, daughter,June 1891,8S,MS
John, son,Sept 1892,7S,MS
Willie, son,Dec 1894,5S,MS
Alta, daughter,Apr 1898,2S,MS
Infant, daughter,May 1900,0/12,MS
Elijah, father,May 1848,67,m25,AL,AL,AL,Farm Laborer

1910: US Census of Fayette County, Alabama. (Russels Precinct) near Glen Allen.. HH.88 fam 88.
Alexander, Erastus, head 38 born Alabama. farmer.
Della, wife 37 born Alabama. 10 children birthed/ 9 living
John 16
Willie 15
Alta 11
Beula 9
Myrtle 7
Virgil 5
Iza 3
Valus 1...
A residence living nearest was that of Lige & Flurry Alexander

1920: US Census of Fayette County, Alabama. Precinct #17 Stonewall. on the Fayette Hiway. hh# 52.
Alexander, Erastus. 48, born Alabama. farmer.
Deller, 46, born Alabama.
Virgil, 15, born Alabama
Iza, 12, born Alabama
Hill, 10, born Alabama
Seathel (sic) 7, born Alabama
Harris, Beulah, 19, born Alabama
Ethel, dau 2/12, born Alabama
the nearest family was that of Pope and Lula Alexander Mills

1929: lived in Texas, Marion County, Alabama.

1930 Name: Erastus G Alexander Age: 58 Estimated birth year: 1871 Birthplace: Georgia Relation to Head-of-house: Head Race: White
Home in 1930: Precinct 25, Walker, Alabama
Year: 1930;
Census Place: Precinct 25, Walker, Alabama; Roll: T626_53; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 35; Image: 0284
46 48 Alexander,Willie,head,24,m20,AL,,Laborer,Rail Road,
46 49 Alexander, Erastus G., head, 58, m19, GA,GA,AL, Laborer, Lumber Mill
Margret D., wife, 58, m17, AL,AL,AL
Living next door,

1935: Ras & Della lived in Holt, Florida for several months, near the family of Wiley and Vera Alexander Gurthie.

Sixth Generation

33. John Thomas ALEXANDER. Son of Erastus Grief "Ras" ALEXANDER & Margaret Ideller "Deller" WEBB. Born 21 Sep 1893 in Fayette County, Alabama. Died 11 Feb 1949 in Boldo, Walker County, Alabama. Buried in Piney Grove Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama. Occupation Farmer ,.
He married Ada Frances BOSTICK, daughter of William Byrd BOSTICK & Martha Frances "Mattie" CADDEL, 12 Jan 1913 in Marion County, Alabama. Born 19 Sep 1894 in Comanche County, Texas. Died 14 Oct 1965 in Pleasant Grove, Jefferson County, Alabama. Buried in Piney Grove Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama.
They had the following children:

40 i. Byrd Thomas "B.T." ALEXANDER Rev.
41 ii. Luna Vera ALEXANDER
42 iii. Luther Dean "Jack" ALEXANDER
iv. Era Frances "Fat" ALEXANDER; Born 29 Jan 1920 in Winfield, Marion County, Alabama. Died 11 May 2000 in Fresno, Fresno County, California. .
43 v. Ruby Virginia "Ruby Lee" ALEXANDER
44 vi. Wilburn Henry "Tib" ALEXANDER
45 vii. John Edward "Ed" ALEXANDER
viii. Willie Mae ALEXANDER; Born 1928 in Lamar County, Alabama. Died 1969. She married A.D. BAKER.
ix. Bobbie Rae ALEXANDER; Died 12 Dec 1972. She married ? FRANKS.
x. Burl ALEXANDER (Twin);
xi. Earl ALEXANDER (Twin);

1910: Resided with his parents at Russels Precinct in Fayette County, Alabama.

1920: US Census of Marion County, Alabama. Precinct #14, Winfield. hh# 312. 27th Jan 1920.
Alexander, John T. head m/w age 27 born Alabama.
Ada F. wife 24 born Texas.
Bird T. 6 born Alabama.
Vera L. 4 9/12 born Alabama
Luther D. 1 9/12 born Alabama.
John's family lived next his brother Will Alexander's family.

1930 April 14: U. S. Census, Lamar County, Alabama. Sizemore Beat, ED 38-4, p. 1A hh# 5
Alexander, John T., Head, M, W, 37, Md. @ age 21, AL/AL/AL, farmer
Alexander, Ada, Wife, F, W, 34, Md. @ 18, AL/AL/AL
Alexander, Bird, Son, M, W, 16, AL/AL/AL
Alexander, Vera, Dau, F, W, 14, AL/AL/AL
Alexander, Luther D., Son, M, W, 12, AL/AL/AL
Alexander, Era, Dau, F, W, 10, AL/AL/AL
Alexander, Ruby, Dau, F, W, 8, AL/AL/AL
Alexander, Wilburn, Son, M, W, 6, AL/AL/AL
Alexander, John E., Son, M, W, 5, AL/AL/AL
Alexander, Willie M., Dau, F, W, 1 6/12, AL/AL/AL
The closest family to John & Ada was the family of Virgil & Pearl Alexander.

about 1938: John and Ada lived near his papents, Ras and Della near Eldridge in Walker County, Alabama.

John and Ada also lived in Blytheville, Arkansas for several years. Prior to his fathers death.

more about Ada:
The following is a true story related by Ada Frances Bostick at age 12...
At this time (1907) she was living with her parents in Comanche County Texas.
Ada recalled, her mother and her sister had died, and their bodies were in a back room. She heard wolves howling during the night. Her being a young child, thought they were after the bodies. She said her father was real sick with a high fever. An old man stayed up all night turning him over and over. There was cabbage cooking, and her father wanted some of the cabbage. He was told he could not have any, as they were trying to starve the fever out of him. But Byrd said "i'm going to have some, even if it kills me". Shortly after eating the cabbage, during the night, he died. Ada being a young child thought it was the cabbage that killed him.
The five surviving children were taken to Cisco, Texas and put on a train, bound for Memphis, Tennesse where they met an Uncle, Henry Vester Bostick, and Grandfather Charles Henry Bostick. They carried the children back home to Winfield, Alabama to live with relatives.

1965: Lived in Pleasant Grove, Jefferson County, Alabama in the household of her son & daughter inlaw Byrd & Edna Alexander.

Seventh Generation

40. Byrd Thomas "B.T." ALEXANDER Rev. Son of John Thomas ALEXANDER & Ada Frances BOSTICK. Born 10 Dec 1913 in Marion County, Alabama. Died 5 Aug 1979 in Pleasent Grove, Jefferson County, Alabama. Buried in Piney Grove Cemetery, Lamar County,� Alabama.
He married Edna Lorane "Edner" GUYTON, daughter of Burlie L GUYTON & Katie Bell NELSON ESTES, 22 Feb 1931 in Crews Tank, Lamar County, Alabama. Born 4 Sep 1913 in Mississippi. Died 4 Nov 1982 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. Buried in Piney Grove Cemetery, Lamar County, Alabama.
They had the following children:

46 i. Francis Kathleen "Kat" ALEXANDER
47 ii. Martha Maxine "Mickey" ALEXANDER
iii. Lula Bell ALEXANDER; Born 22 Sep 1936 in Lamar County, Alabama. Died 20 Sep 1996 in Alhambra, Los Angeles County, California. Buried 24 Sep 1996 in Pleasant Grove, Jefferson County, Alabama.
48 iv. Burble Burel "Bud" ALEXANDER Rev.
49 v. Katie LaNell "Nell" ALEXANDER
50 vi. Darcey Murelene ALEXANDER

ca. 1939 bought 40 acres land in Hughy Hollow, Lamar County, Alabama.

Prior to 1953 Byrd lived at Hughy Hollow, Lamar County, Alabama near Beaverton....

1953 moved to Sumiton, Walker County, Alabama. Then moved to Ensley, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. After 1954 was living and remained in Pleasant Grove, Jefferson County, Alabama.

Byrd was a Free Will Baptist Minister.. He established several Churches in and around Lamar, Marion, and Fayette Counties. Plus 2 in Jefferson and 1 in Cullman Counties..

Eighth Generation

48. Burble Burel "Bud" ALEXANDER Rev. Son of Byrd Thomas "B.T." ALEXANDER Rev. & Edna Lorane "Edner" GUYTON. in Huey Hollow, Lamar County, Alabama. Occupation Truck Driver, Auto Body Repairman, Preacher.
He married Annie Mae BLACKSTON, daughter of Marion Kyle BLACKSTON & Laura Mae WILLCUTT, 25 Aug 1962 in Pleasant Grove, Jefferson County, Alabama. 
They had the following children:

51 i. Robert Burel ALEXANDER

52 ii. John Thomas ALEXANDER

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