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Hi folks,

I need help with some words of yet another will. I did as much as I could, but these blanks have me stumped. This version is in contemporary language because that's easier for me to read and try to make sense of some of the words in context. I will restore it to original language and spelling once I have this completed. I also would appreciate a special check on the ages listed. Most of the time this refers to John reaching the lawful age of 21 years, but it appears as if different ages are listed in some circumstances. THANK YOU, MATT AND AUDREY, FOR YOUR TREMENDOUS ASSISTANCE!!!

Thomas Blakeney 1512

1 In the name of God Amen I Thomas Blakney gentleman being

2 of good mind the vij day of June the year of our lord god

3 1507 ordain to make this my last and testament in

4 manner & form following: first I bequeath my soul to almighty

5 our blessed lady & all the holy company of heaven & my body

6 to be buried in Christian burial Item: I give to the painting

7 of Saint Andrew of Honyngham 10 shillings Item to the high altar for

8 my tithes forgotten & not (truly/timely?) tithed 40d. To the blessed

9 trinity of Norwich 12d. Item I will that there be kept 3 lights

10 every Sunday before the blessed trinity in Honyngham church & ever

11 before Saint Christopher during the term of ten years like as I keep

12 them Item I will that as touching of my manors lands & tenements

13 meadows, pastures, woods & groves rents services with all the[ir] appur-

14 tenances as well free as bond whereof I am seized or any other

15 to my use within the county of Norfolk be used according to this my last

16 first as for my manor lying in Honyngham called horford hall with

17 all my other tenements, meadows, pasture, arable lands, woods, and

18 underwoods, rents & services as well in honyngham as in honyngham

19 thorp, colton, easton, east tuddenham & hokkyng with all their appurtenances

20 wholly & clearly remain to John Blakney my son to have & to hold

21 to him & to his heirs & assigns when he has accomplished

22 his lawful age of 21 years upon these conditions following that is

23 Elizabeth my wife shall have during her life so that she marry [not]

24 the chamber over the parlour with the drawth(?) thereto belonging with free entry

25 Ingate & outgate at her pleasure at all hours & beside that

26 In every office of the place her commandments & pleasure at all times

27 Item I will that she have every year ij neat wintered & summered at the

28 cost of the said John Blakeney & she to to make the profits

29 of the said neat also I will that she have every year 300

30 faggotts to her chamber [INKBLOT] & carried at the cost & charge of

31 the said John Blakney & also upon condition that he pay to

page 2

1 my executors for the said manor called horford hall after

2 that cometh to the age of 24 years 40 marks to the performance of this

3 my testament & else not to have the said manor but only the other

4 premises Item I will that during the nonage of the foresaid John

5 Blakeney, Elizabeth my wife have have my said manor called

6 horford hall with all land meadows pastures & groves thereto be-

7 longing except & reserved to my executors the sheeps pastures

8 & all such lands as are now laid for the sheep Item I will that my

9 executors pay & discharge all rents & services owing out of

10 the said manor during the nonage of the foresaid John Blakeney so

11 that she may have it clearly except she shall repay the same

12 provided always that if she marry during the term of his non -

13 - age that then the gift to her made be void & that then my [omitted word: executors? feoffees?]

14 enter it & take the profits thereof to the use & performance of my will

15 Item I will that during the nonage of the foresaid John Blakeney my

16 executors give her every year at clipping 6 stone of wool & 12

17 [wether ewes?] for her household there to be delivered Item I will

18 that she have during the nonage of John Blakeney 10 kine(?) of the best

19 & that she leave the same stock or the value thereof to him when

20 he cometh to full age or else if he decease within the age to

21 my executors also I will that she have my horse cart, plows &

22 harrows to have it in like condition that is to say to the same value

23 to my said son Item I will that if John Blakeney die without

24 issue of his body lawfully begotten or he comes to the age of 11 [clerk's error for 21?]

25 years then I will that my manor in honyngham called horford hall with

26 with all the appurtenances and also a mese[uage] in honyngham called crookys

27 wholly remain unto Roger Townesend Esquire to have & to hold to him

28 his heirs & assigns forever more reserved and except during the life

29 of Elizabeth my wife to her the foresaid manor of horford hall with

30 all lands, meadows, feedings, pastures, rents, & groves thereto

31 belonging & after her decease wholly to remain like as it is a-

32 bove rehearsed to the said Roger Towneshend Esquire upon

33 condition following that he shall pay to my executors or their

34 assigns 100 pounds of good & lawful money of England & he nor none

35 for him to enter into it or any parcel thereof till he have paid the said

page 3

100 pounds to my executors provided always(?) that if he agree with

2 my executors if John Blakeney die like as that is --

3 rehearsed then immediately he shall enter crookys

4 & all the profits & after the death of my wife my manor called

5 horford hall Item I will according to my mother's

6 will a tenement called cremys with the appurtenances in honyngham

7 thorpp wholly remain to the abbey of Norwich Item I

8 will that as for all my purchased(?) lands & groves in

9 honyngham, honyngham thorpp, hokkyng & tadenham I

10 will that my son John Blakeney have them to him & to his

11 heirs when comes of the day of 21 years & if

12 he decease afor that he comes to that age I will they be-

13 fall to my executors Item I will that my manor called

14 waterhouse in tompston [Thompson] with the appurtenances I will that

15 Elizabeth my wife have it for term of life the remains

16 thereof after her death to John my son & to his

17 heirs paying therefore to my executors such a sum

18 of money as shall by them thought reasonable & if he

19 be ruled by my executors I will the sum be the less

20 & if he will not be ruled by my executors I will the

21 sum be the greater & if it happe him to die without issue

22 coming of his body(?) then I will it be sold to my execu-

23 tors & if said Walter Stubbe will buy it I will he have

24 the preferment thereof & when that be priced(?) 20 marks(?) 1 s.(?) in the price(?)

25 so that the residue of the money be truly contented and

26 disposed to the executors of this my testament Item I

27 will that as for my place lands meadows, pastures and

28 closes in west m/w____tham(?) if John Blakeney my son die

29 before he be of the age of 21 years without issue be sold by

30 my executors & if the foresaid Walter Stubbe will have

31 it I will that he have the preferment thereof & for the price(?)

32 performance of this my last will I require pray and

page 4

1 charge all that be infeoffed to my use in all manors lands & tenements

2 make such estate as shall stand with law whensoever that shall be

3 required by my executors Item I will that my my wife

4 have all my fowls so that she leave to John Blakeney

5 my son when that he comes to the age of 21 years part of

6 all manner [of] fowls also I will she have the profit of my swans

7 during his nonage & if he die I give them unto her also I

8 give her all my swyn [swine?] Also I give her all my provision of

9 household within the place that is to say beef fish & salt & also

10 mickle corn out of the barns & solers as shall suffice to her

11 til the feast of Saint Michael the residue to be sold by my executors

12 Also I will that she have the next years crop of all such corn as

13 groweth or shall grow upon the lands [be]longing to horford hall

14 except & reserving to my executors the corn(?) growing in

15 the church field & also the tythe Item I will that

16 all timber as [well broken as whole?] remain still for ____ -

17 ____ Item I will that John Blakeney have all such stuff

18 & brass as my mother gave him Item I will that he have the

(BETWEEN LINES: _____ ?)

19 hanging of the parlor as it hangeth Item I will that he have

20 the garret with all the stuff anon(?) as that is Item I will that

21 he have the chamber whereas I lay __enyn as that is Item I will

22 that his mother & he depart equally all my linen & blankets

23 [costhyngs?] pillows & bolsters Item I give to John Blakeney

24 the great brass pot the residue of brass & pewter

25 his mother & he to depart equally by the advice of my

26 executors Item I will his mother & he depart all my plate

27 & if he die ere he comes to his lawful age his mother to have

28 all the plate & stuff of household paying from her to my

29 executors to the execution of this my testament & last will

30 [10 pounds] Item I give to John Blakeney all my apparel with harness

31 guns byllys bows & arrows Item I will there be dispo-

32 sed in the church of honyngham 5 marks for my uncle Lewis'(?)

33 soul Item I will that John Blakeney have all my books Item

34 I will that when he comes of the age of 24 years then(?) he

35 have[20 pounds] of good & lawful money

page 5

1 Of this my testament & last will I make executors

2 Mr. Roger Townsend Esquire my old master Walter Stubbe

3 rewarding him for his labor [5 pounds] my cousin Robert

4 Gygges of Sparham gent rewarding him 5 marks Sir John

5 Lyne* of honyngham priest rewarding him 40 s. & also a year

6 service of six [pounds] & he to sing for my father mother my brother

7 & sister & me in honyngham church the residue of all my

8 goods not __ bequeathed I remit onto the descrete wisdoms

9 & disposition of my executors -------- -------- -------- --------- ----------- [END OF WILL PORTION]

10 {Latin ... }

11 {Latin ... } / ----------- ---------- --------

12 Probate {Latin ... } 20 January 1512 ________________ Gygge(?)

13 {Latin ... }


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