Blaker Family of Sussex - Reminiscences


Court Leet.

THERE is an old custom which, in my very early days, caused me great bewilderment, namely, the "Court Leet" which, I believe, was held at each Manor House. A number of men used to assemble at a certain hour at Perching, where my father lived and which was a Manor belonging to the Crown, and I so well recollect that at the appointed time an old man named Hollingdale, who held the office of "woodreeve" to the Crown, went just out of the front door and hallooed at the top of his voice. Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! which was a corruption of Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! As soon as he returned, the busi-ness of the court commenced, but of whom the court consisted or what its business was, except that it related to the Manor, I did not know.

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