Blaker Family of Sussex - Reminiscences


Specimens of Old Sussex Dialect.

EH be gwene t'Henvul t'mor ter look at dem dere hogs. Dey sey deirn be better dun ouern, eh sey dey beant. Ouern be a good lot o' shuts, an dey be middlin lusty. De travlin's purty bad, and de brooks be out, but b'ou-t-will eh shall goo, regn eh shall git dere somehow.

(I am going to Henfield to-morrow to look at them there hogs. They say theirs are better than ours. I say they are not. Ours are a good lot of shuts (half-grown pigs) and middling fat. The travelling is pretty bad, and the brooks are out, but be it how it will I shall go. I reckon I shall get there somehow.)

Eh knowed ow tud be, ven eh seed ow t'was.

("I knew how it would be, when I saw how it was" said an old farm labourer who had stood watching a badly driven waggon till it overturned.)

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