Blaker Family of Sussex - Reminiscences


Hollering Pot.

THERE was a curious old custom which was observed at the end of harvest, known by the name of the "hollering (hallooing) pot." On the last day of harvest, if the last load had been carried early enough, if not, on the next day, between five and six o'clock in the evening, all the labourers employed on the farm assembled and formed a kind of irregular ring, and sung the following words :

" We've ploughed, we've sow'd, we've reap'd, we've mow'd,
  We've carried the last load, and never overthrow'd !
      Hip, Hip, Hurrah, Hurrah ! "

Each man then had a pint of strong beer. This custom was never observed if a load had been overthrown, or if anything had gone wrong during harvest operations.

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