in the deanery of Repington

The living is a vicarage; its clear value is 49L.15s.and yearly tenths 10s. d. The church is dedicated to St. Peter, and was formerly part of the endowments of the abby at Burton. The earl of Uxbridge is the patron.

The village of Stapenhill contains sixty-eight houses, but of this number forty-seven stand within the parish of Burton.

A large quantity of bricks are annually made here; but agriculture is the chief support of the inhabitants.

The hamlet of Newhall lies within the parish of Stapenhill, and contains about forty-nine houses. The inhabitants almost entirely rely upon the colleries, which are wrought at this place.

At Caldwell is a dissenting meeting. It was formerly the property of the presbyterians, but is now fallen into the hands of the baptists.

The hamlet contains only sixteen houses ; one of these is the seat of Hans Winthrop Mortimer, esq. It is an elegant and convenient mansion, and is greatly improved by the pleasure grounds, with which it is surrounded.

Quoted from:
"A View of the Present State of Derbyshire"
by James Pilkington, 1789


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