Glover's Directory 1827 - 9

StapenhillCauldwellStanton & Newhall

Stapenhill: a village, township and parish in the Hundred of Repton & Gresley
Lord of the Manor: The Most Noble the Marquess of Angelsea


Chesterfield ArmsMrs ERRINGTON (sic)
Royal OakSarah GAUNT (BM)
Barley MowMary WATSON
Punch BowlMatthew GRANGER
Ferry BoatMrs SIMS

Gentry & Tradesmen

ADAMS JamesShoemaker
ALLSOP ThomasGent (F)
BAILEY Mrs ClaraLadies' boarding school (BM)
BODILL WilliamFarmer
BRITTON SamuelShopkeeper
BROWN WilliamTailor
CLAY Rev JosephCurate
CLAY Mrs SarahStapenhill
DANIEL WilliamCheese Factor
DEVOEX (sic) Rev CharlesVicar
ERRINGTON (sic) MrsVictualler
FLETCHER ThomasTailor
GAUNT SarahVictualler (BM)
GRANGER MatthewMaltster
HARGRAVE ThomasWheelwright
HOPKIN DanielFarmer
MANSFIELD WilliamShopkeeper
MANSFIELD JosephTailor
MILLWARD WilliamFarmer
MORRIS JosephButcher
PEEL John & RobtCotton Spinners (BM)
SANDERS SarahWheelwright
SIMS MrsFerry Boat House
WALTERS GeorgeMaltster & Blacksmith
WARREN CharlesButcher (F)
WARREN JosephBaker
WARREN WilliamFarmer (F)
WATSON WilliamFarmer (F)
WATSON JohnFarmer
WATSON MaryVictualler
WHITE GeorgeBlacksmith
WHITE ThomasShoemaker
WILSON JosephCorn Miller (BM)
WOOD CharlesGrocer
WOOD FrancisFarmer

BM = Burton Mills
F = Freeholder - ie liable to serve on Juries, but not including Clergy, Professions & others who are Freeholders but exempt from Jury Service


Cauldwell: a hamlet in the Parish of Stapenhill, Hundred of Repton & Gresley
Lord of the Manor: John EVANS, Esq

Gentry & Tradesmen

CAMPION JohnFarmer
CAMPION WilliamFarmer
EVANS MissCauldwell Hall
FLETCHER PeggyBlacksmith
FREAR ThomasFarmer (F)
LEEDHAM ThomasFarmer
MOSS ThomasFarmer
PRATT ThomasFarmer (F)


Stanton & Newhall: a village & township in the Parish of Stapenhill, Hundred of Repton & Gresley
Lord of the Manor: The Rt Hon the Earl of Chesterfield

Gentry & Tradesmen

ABBOTT WilliamFarmer (F)
BREALEY DanielFarmer (F)
BREALEY EliasFarmer (F)
COLE WilliamFarmer (F)
DOLEMAN JohnJoiner
ELVERSON WilliamFarmer
HARVEY WilliamFarmer (F)
MORRIS JohnVictualler
NADIN HumphreyGent
NEVILL RichardFarmer
ORME MrsFarmer
ORGILL JosephVictualler
PERKS CharlesFarmer
STALEY JohnFarmer


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