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Welcome to the Cauldwell page

My aim, in creating these pages, is to assist other researchers in finding information about their families who lived in the South Derbyshire village of Cauldwell (nowadays spelled Caldwell). I hope you will find some helpful information amongst my transcriptions and databases.

When I learned that my NORTON great-great-grandfather and his forebears had lived in Cauldwell, I was mystified at being unable to find any reference to the village or its church. It was some time before I learned that St Giles, Cauldwell, was a chapelry of the parish of Stapenhill, in the Diocese of Lichfield. Thus all marriages, and most other ceremonies, were performed in the parish church of St Peter, and Cauldwell families will be found listed in the IGI under Stapenhill.

Having identified some of my NORTON family in the Stapenhill IGI, my next frustration was being unable to find any of their christenings after the 1760s. It was a few years before I learned that they had become General Baptists, originally affiliated with the Melbourne branch of their church. It transpires that my 4x great-grandfather was responsible for the establishment of the Baptist chapel in Cauldwell.

Perhaps your family also left the Established Church to follow a nonconformist faith. Many nonconformist registers were surrendered in 1837 and can be found in the PRO at Kew - now the National Archives - and most have been filmed by the LDS. (The Baptist registers, however, have been lost in two fires, over the years). By cross-referring between the land tax records, census extractions, and the parish register data on this page, it should be possible to establish which 19th century Cauldwell residents might also have embraced nonconformity.

My Cauldwell extraction projects are ongoing, and I plan to incorporate as much data as possible into this website. It would pay to check regularly for updates. In the meantime, if your family lived in Cauldwell, I would be delighted to hear from you so that I can add a list of family names and their researchers. Please e-mail me, at the address below, with any details. If you would care to submit your Cauldwell research names to my Research Interests page, I invite you to do so, using the link below. In the meantime, happy searching!

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