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"Family love is a dynamic awareness of time,
this shared belonging to a chain of generations.
We collaborate together to root each other in a
dimension of time longer than our own lives."

  ~Author Unknown 

The purpose of this web site is to perpetuate facts
based on documentation in the genealogy of the
Blanton family and related branches.

We hope these pages will be of help to you
in your search for your Blanton ancestors.

~Blanton Family Historians



Bible Records

Blanton Beginnings
William of Boston &
Upton-Upon-Severn, Worchestershire, England
Thomas Blanton of Virginia

Blanton Family DNA Project

Cemetery Records

Genealogical Trek to Dallas, TX

Genealogical Trek to Richmond, VA

Marriage Records

Louise McDonald's Work

Origin of Blanton Surname

Reverend Lee Article
Blanton-Womack Family

The Blanton House

The Two John Blantons

Wills & Probates

isit our Memorial Page
Dedicated to the victims and families
of the September 11, 2001 Tragedy


Links to Other Blanton Sites
(These sites are not part of the Blanton Family Historians' website)

Debbie Blanton McCoy's
Blanton Family Roots

Jenelle Blanton-Wilcox's
Family Genealogy

The Blanton War Veterans
Memorial Assembly

Blanton at Rootsweb

Blanton Family Tartan
designed by Thomas Blanton, III
The Tartan Store
Tom makes no money from the sale of this tartan.
He just designed it for all Blantons to enjoy.


Blanton Family Historians

Jenelle Blanton-Wilcox
Daughters of the Republic of  Texas, United Daughters of the Confederacy,
Native Daughters of the Golden West, First Families of Arkansas and
Pioneer Families of the Tennessee Valley ~ Alabama

 Margaret Gray
Daughters of the American Revolution, America's First Families,
Colonial Dames of the XVII Century

Debbie Blanton McCoy
Daughters of the Republic of Texas,
Daughters of the American Revolution

Pat Hargus Sommerfield
Daughters of the American Revolution


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