Burwell Blanton, Pvt. NC, b. 1762  d. 1860

Charles Blanton, PS NC, b. (abt.) 1743  d. (bef.) 1799

James Blanton, Pvt. NC,  b. 1764/1765  d. (aft.) 1833

Thomas Blanton, Pvt. VA,  b. 1724  d. (aft.) 1810  m. Jane

Thomas Blanton, Pvt. VA,  b. 1758  d. 1846  m. Scilly Augela

William Blanton, Pvt. VA,  b. (abt.) 1740  d. (aft.) 1804  m. Hannah Hobbs

WAR OF 1812

Isaac Blanton, Pvt. Tennessee Militia,  b. 1784  d. 1865  m. (1) Martha
(2) Mary "Polly" Guinn

(My 4th great grandfather)


Republic of Texas

John Blanton, Mounted Volunteer Rangers, Red River Blues Company
(My 4th great grandfather)

Jacob Blanton, Mounted Volunteer Rangers

Andrew J. McAnear, Capt. Henry Stout's Company


Benjamin Blanton, b. 1835  d. 1919  m. Mahaley Emoline McAnear

Charles Guinn Blanton, b. 1845  d. 1900  m. Lizzie Utley

David Robert Blanton, b. 1844

Elihue P. Blanton, b. 1840  d. 1923

Isaac Blanton, b. 1836

James Elijah Blanton, b. 1842  d. 1919

James Freeman Blanton, b. 1843

John Martin Blanton, b. 1827 
(My 2nd great grandfather

Andrew Jackson McAnear, b. 1817

Daniel McAnear, b. 1840

John Jesse "Bud" McAnear, b. 1843

John M. McAnear, b. abt. 1840
Died in Civil War

Samuel Jackson McAnear, b. 1835

William Jasper McAnear, b. 1839

Calvin B. Mills, b. 1839

John B. Mills, b. 1835

Jonathan J. Mills, b. 1803

Martin Van Buren Mills, b. 1837
(My 2nd great grandfather)

Thomas Jefferson Mills, b. 1843

William F. Mills, b. 1842

Rufus K. Prestidge, b. 1842  d. 1918  m. Sarah Slaughter
(My 2nd great grandfather)

Civil War page for more information.

World War I

Meddy Lee Blanton, b. 1896 in Cherokee County, TX
d. 25 May 1919 in Trier, Germany

World War II

Charles Mace Blanton, Santa Ana, TX

Charles Mace Blanton, Jr., Santa Ana, TX

Virgil Elijah Blanton, Whitesboro, TX

Virgil Edward Blanton, Los Angeles, CA

Viet Nam

The following Blanton men lost their lives in South Viet Nam or Laos.
As far as I know, none are descendants of John Blanton of Texas.
I am including them here in remembrance of their service to our country.

Clarence Finley Blanton, El Reno, OK
Sept. 1, 1921 - March 11, 1968

Burton Alexander Blanton, Charleston, SC
Oct. 30, 1937 - March 30, 1966

James Lee Blanton, Jr., Memphis, TN
Oct. 25, 1946 - May 13, 1969

Calvin Blanton, Jr., Lorain, OH
Sept. 10, 1948 - Oct. 26, 1969

Kenneth Gene Blanton, Florissant, MO
Aug. 16, 1945 - March 21, 1967

John James Blanton, Baltimore, MD
May 14, 1944 - Aug. 26, 1966

Russell Lee Blanton, Vinton, OH
Oct. 14, 1946 - July 15, 1967

Walter Clay Blanton, Stoutsville, OH
Dec. 31, 1947 - Sept. 28, 1968

Michael Merle Blanton, Portland, OR
Aug. 31, 1947 - July 5, 1966

Richard Patrick Blanton, Greenwood, TN
May 13, 1948 - April 30, 1969

Bill Edward Blanton, Dayton, OH
Jan. 6, 1950 - April 24, 1971

Operation Iraqi Freedom
John L. Blanton of Texas
John is the 4th great grandson of Isaac Blanton.
I met John through email in 2007 while he was serving in Iraq.
I am proud to call him my cousin and my friend.

Marine Lance Cpl. Jeffery S. Blanton, 23, of Fayetteville, Georgia,
died as a result of enemy action in Al Anbar Province, Iraq on December 12, 2004.
Fallen Heroes of Operation Iraqi Freedom


Updated 4 June 2008