Other than Edward William Blau, Franz Gustav Blau, and Johann Carl Blau, no other members of Edward's family in Germany are known to have immigrated in the United States. It is known that Franz Gustav Blau had no children. It is not known how long Johann Carl Blau remained in the United States before returning to Germany. No evidence has been found that he married or had children in the United States.


A listing of graves at Linwood Cemetery in Columbus by the LDS shows a Rev. Benjamin Blau, born July 5, 1824, died August 22, 1887. The listing is incorrect. The correct name as shown in Linwood Cemetery card file and on the marked grave is Rev. Benjamin Blow, no relation.


The card index of graves at Linwood Cemetery in the cemetery office at Riverdale Cemetery shows a Robert Blau, date of interment February 24, 1898 in lot 202 of section A, age at death: 16. The lot was found to contain two graves marked by bricks with no names and a grave marked Florence Bush. Research in the Columbus newspapers around February 24, 1898 showed the correct name is Robert Blow whose parents were not noted, but he lived with his grandfather, Joe Bush.


In Texas there were several Blaus who died there prior to 1940 whose names are common to the Blau families of Frankenhausen and Columbus, though probably not related:


1. August Blau was born in Germany, location not known, in April, 1839. He immigrated to the United States in 1846 and lived in Harris County, Texas where he was a butcher. His wife, Mary Nitze was also born in Germany. Their children, as listed in the 1880 and 1900 U.S. Census records were:

a) Caroline Blau born in 1869 in Houston, Texas.

b) Herman Blau born June 17, 1872 in Houston; died November 9, 1926.

c) Augustus Blau

d) George G. Blau born April 1, 1884 in Houston, Texas; died December 9, 1935.

e) August F. Blau birthdate not known; died June 2, 1914.

August Blau died on June 2, 1921. Mary Nitze Blau died before 1900.


2. Charles A, Blau, Jr. was born on January 27, 1861 in Galveston, Texas the son of Henrietta Duebnert and Charles A. Blau, both of whom were born in Germany, the exact place being unknown. Charles A. Blau, Jr. was not married. He died in Galveston on September 18, 1926.


3. Freida Blaw died in El Paso, Texas on October 1, 1918. She was born in Russia. It is not known to whom she was married. She was not related.