Charles was born on July 15, 1867 in Girard, Alabama. He was probably named after Edward's older brother Carl. As a boy he delivered newspapers (Columbus Enquirer, October 4, 1957). In the 1880 Census, living in his father's home, he was a clerk at J.W. Pease Company, book and piano seller. He married Isabel (Belle) Eva Gaither on November 7, 1892 (Russell Marriage Book 1886-1895, P 295). She was born on September 9, 1872 in Iola, Texas, the daughter of Georgia Phillips and Edward Henry Gaither. Her sister, Mattie Gaither, married Charles' younger brother Edward.


Charles was employed in 1884 as a pattern maker at Golden's Foundry, owned by his oldest sister's husband. In 1904 he was a foreman. He was a Mason. Charlie, having a keen sense of humor, was the "character" of the family. An example exists in an article that appeared in the Columbus Enquirer (November 7, 1955) on his 63rd wedding anniversary:


"As the reporter prepared to make her departure, the still-flirtatious Blau asked her name again and learning it was preceded with a "Mrs." chuckled disappointedly and grinned, 'Oh well, I was about to ask you for your telephone number.' Mrs. Blau wagged a shaming finger and blinked an amused wink."


Charlie worked for a while in Dayton, Ohio and travelled from there by stage coach to Durango, Mexico where he worked for a year with a foundry before returning to Columbus to work at Golden's (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, October 4, 1957).


The Blau family in Germany sent Charlie a piano around the turn of the century, which is marked on the fallboard as follows:



Wilh. Schimmel & Co.


Gross Sach Hollieserant

Goldmedialle Brux 1898 est. 1885


Upon the death of Evelyn Blau, the piano went to her cousin on her mother's side, Georgia Whittaker Blackmon. Upon her death it went to her nephew Wilson Blackmon of Columbus. Belle and Charlie Blau were members of Rose Hill Methodist Church. Their children were:


1. Virginia Myrl Blau born May 19, 1895; died September 25, 1968. She never married (Columbus Enquirer, September 27, 1968, p 2).

2. Francis G. Blau, born about September, 1897; died June 30, 1899, age 21 months. He was apparently named after his father's uncle Gus. He is buried in lot 891, section 2, Linwood Cemetery.

3. Evelyn Gaither Blau born January 31, 1900; died June 20, 1973. She never married (Columbus Enquirer, June 22, 1973, p 36).

4. Name unknown died as an infant.

Charles Herman Blau died on February 5, 1962 at age 94. (Columbus Enquirer, February 6, 1962, p 2). Isabel Eva Gaither Blau died on December 16, 1960 at age 88. (Columbus Enquirer, December 16, 1960, p 37). They are buried at Linwood Cemetery in Columbus. Their daughters are buried in the same plot in the Old Cemetery section of Linwood.