Edward Otto Blau was born on February 14, 1863 in Columbus. His middle name was probably after Otto von Bismarck who was becoming a strong political leader in Prussia at the time. He died on May 22, 1864 in Girard (John Martin: History of Columbus, Part 2: 1846-1865, page 172). He is buried in Linwood Cemetery, in a lot that was owned by Julia Parish Roman, sister of his mother. The grave is unmarked and does not appear on the cemetery records, but is in lot 565, section 2. Also in the lot are the graves of Isabel Francis Roman, died April 1, 1886, age 50, and Sarah Margaret Roman, daughter of Isabel and Peter Bennock Roman, died September 25, 1887, age 14. There was a Peter B. Roman in the Columbus City Directory in 1873, 1878 and 1880 listed as a molder; in 1884 he is listed as a farmer and does not appear in subsequent issues. In the 1870 census, Isabel Roman is listed immediately after E.W. Blau, thus a neighbor.