Edward William Blau, Jr. was born on October 31, 1868 in Girard, Alabama. He was a carrier for the Columbus Enquirer-Sun in 1880. In 1884 he began as a telegraph operator. In 1886 he was in Chattanooga with the Southern Express Company, and was there when the river flooded. He married Mattie Gaither on December 3, 1889 (Russell Marriage Book 1886-1895, p 142). She was born June 6, 1871, probably in Texas. She was the sister of Charles Blau's wife. In 1891 he was telegraph operator for T.D. Huff in Columbus and in 1896 with Ingram Company. They divorced in ______. He is shown as a cotton broker in Columbus in 1906 and living at the Hotel Racine. He moved to Luling, Louisiana in 1910 and worked there for 25 years with the Texas and Pacific Railroad. Mattie lived in the homes of Edward W. Blau, Sr. or in the neighborhood at least through 1923. At some time she moved to Birmingham, remarried, divorced and resumed the Blau name. She returned to Columbus and lived with her daughter Mattie Love Blau Smith. Their children:


1. Mattie Love Gaither Blau, born February 1, 1891, married Clifford Donaldson Smith (born May 12, 1882; died November 13, 1965); She died October 17, 1966. They had no children.

2. Edward Gaither Blau, born March 15, 1893; married Alma Agnes (b. June 25, 1900; d. September 27, 1981) on _________. He worked for the Texas-Pacific Railroad and lived in Bunkie, Louisiana. He died December 15, 1983. Their child:

a) Mary Gaither ("Gay") Blau, born March 5, 1921; married James Joseph Henry (Born August 1, 1920, died December 14, 1974) on August 20, 1941. After his death, she married Mike Jennings in February, 1976. He died in 1986 and she died July 16, 1986.

3. Porter GOLDEN Blau, born July 10, 1897; never married; died May 17, 1965 in Birmingham, Alabama.


Edward William Blau, Jr. died on October 9, 1945 in Luling, Louisiana at age 68 (Columbus Enquirer, October 10, 1945, p 9). He is buried in Linwood Cemetery in Columbus in the family plot. Mattie Love Gaither Blau was a member of Trinity Episcopal Church. She died in Columbus at 9:10 a.m. on May 28, 1964 and is buried at Parkhill Cemetery.