Ida was the first born child of Leonora Parish and Edward Blau. She was born on December 29, 1861 in Columbus, Georgia. She was probably named after Edward's sister who died in 1849. Ida married John Poitevent Golden on October 31, 1882. John Poitevant Golden was born on September l, 1857, in Columbus, Georgia the son of Sarah Caroline Poitevent and George Jasper Golden. The Golden family had been engaged in manufacturing. George Jasper Golden was director of the Confederate States' Naval Iron Works in Columbus. He was also the inventor of the first commercial ice making machine. John Poitevent Golden founded Golden Brothers with Theodore Ernest Golden. Golden Brothers became the Golden Foundry and Machine Company. He was chairman of the board at his death. He was also a director on the board of Lummus Cotton Gin Company. Edward Blau's sons, George Gafford Blau and Charles Herman Blau worked most of their lives at Golden's Foundry. George Blau was a supervisor machinist. Charles Blau was a pattern maker.


Ida was a member of the Oglethorpe Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She had been vice president of the Goodwill Community Center and was a charter member of the Free Kindergarten Association. She and her husband were members of St. Luke Methodist Church. Their children:


1. Lucile Golden born February 19, 1884 in Girard, Alabama; died July 4, 1961. She married Benjamin Hill Fletcher on December 22, 1903. He died on January 29, 1922. Their children:

a) James Monroe Fletcher born October 9, 1904 in Columbus; married Lois King Clark on April 4, 1946; died May 30, 1981

b) Poitevent Golden Fletcher born August 23, 1907 in Columbus; died May 17, 1909

2. SARAH FRANCIS GOLDEN, born May 13, 1886 in Girard, Alabama; died January 18, 1972. She did not marry.

3. George Jasper Golden born August 28, 1888 in Girard; died October 18, 1956; married Lyra Hatcher Swift on April 26, 1915. She died February 28, 1974. 

4. Kathleen Illges Golden born October 23, 1890 in Columbus; married William Clarke Pease, Jr.

5. Vera Glover Golden born September 19, 1892 in Columbus; married Richard Dawson Gay (d. November 15, 1947) on November 19, 1919.

6. Leonora Golden born September 22, 1894 in Columbus; married Henry Gaillard Smith on November 14, 1917.

Ida Eugenia Blau Golden died on July 13, 1939 at age 77 (Columbus Enquirer July 14, 1939, p 7). John Poitevent Golden died on April 7, 1940 at age 82 (Columbus Enquirer, April 2, 1940, p 1). Both are buried at Linwood Cemetery in Columbus, GA. in the Golden family plot, lot 210, section A.