Lorenz Gustav Blau, known as "Lawrence" was born November 9, 1872 in Girard, Alabama. He was named after Edward's father and brother. He was a moulder at Golden Foundry in 1891 (City Directory). Around the turn of the century, Lorenz made several trips to Germany to visit his father's family, paying his passage by playing piano and accompanying singers on board, including Lillian Russell. In 1904 he is shown in the Columbus City Directory as a piano tuner. On June 19, 1907 he married Montarie Elizabeth Coulter (Muscogee Marriage Book P, p 299). She was daughter of Lucinda Driggers and Pierce Coulter. Lorenz was an excellent pianist, reputed to be able to play anything upon hearing it once. He accompanied many singers who appeared at the Springer Opera House and at other performances in Columbus (Showboats To Softshoes: Musical Development of Columbus 1828 -1928, p 87). In 1910 he was a salesman for Arthur Piano and Organ Company. Like his father, he was a master piano and organ technician. Lorenz and his family were members of St. Luke Methodist Church. Their children:


1. Unnamed died as an infant.

2. LEONORA LARNED BLAU, born July 4, 1909, married Col. Frank Spiess on August 2, 1932. They visited Frankenhausen in 1972 trying to obtain information on the Blau family. The Communist government was very uncooperative and nothing was obtained. Col. Spiess said there was a Blau lady still in Frankenhausen who operated a bookstore. She complained the Communist government would not even let her pick apples off the tree in her yard. They found the church in Frankenhausen boarded up.Leonora Larned Blau Spiess died October 4, 1985 in New Orleans, LA. Frank Spiess died in August, 1991.

3. LAWRENCE ARTHUR BLAU, born May 29, 1911; married Dorothy Clark on September 28, 1933. He died on August 7, 1994. They had no children.

4. JACK LIONEL BLAU, born September 14, 1914; married Kathleen Elizabeth Newsome, who was born May 19, 1914, on March 15, 1935. Jack Lionel Blau died on November 11, 1977 (Columbus Enquirer, November 12, 1977, p B-6). Kathleen Newsome Blau died on February 9, 1973. They are buried at Riverdale Cemetery, lot 104, section 13. (Russell Will Book 24, p 247, 251).

Lorenz Gustav Blau died on July 32, 1954 at age 81. Montarie Elizabeth Coulter Blau died on June 13, 1962. They are buried in Riverdale Cemetery in Columbus, lot 104, section 13.