Richard Ernst Blau was born on November 23, 1879 in Girard, Alabama, named after Edward's brother. He married Ramona del Escobal in November, 1905. She was born on November 11, 1872. Richard Ernst Blau was a telegraph operator for the New Orleans Associated Press. He also was a paid singer at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans where his wife was the organist and choirmaster. He contracted tuberculosis and moved to Tucson, Arizona for his health. Their children:


1. Helen Blau, born August, 1906; died at age 9 months.

2. Cita Mary Blau, born August 24, 1908; married Paul Lee on August 17, 1935. He was a pattern maker and died on June 2, 1952. She died on February 22, 1994.

3. Asuncion (SUNNY)Leonora Blau, born July 20, 1909; married Sam Hendrix.

4. Richard Ernest Blau, Jr., born September 8, 1911; died February, 1968; no children.

Richard Ernst Blau died of tuberculosis on November 14, 1928 at Diebert Memorial Hospital in New Orleans and is buried in a Catholic cemetery in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. As he was a Methodist, not a Roman Catholic, there is no marker and no cemetery records. Ramona del Escobal Blau died on December 15, 1938 in Harris County, Texas,