1782 Kilmeny Parish  Communion Token

Kilmeny Parish, Fife, Scotland
Communion Token - 1782

From the collection of Margaret Jane Kinnear & John Guthrie Bowman of
Dundee, Scotland and Kansas City, Missouri


Scottish communion token from Kilmany, Fife, Scotland, is made of either lead or pewter, a burning bush on one side with the parish name of Kilmeny (Kilmany), and the minister's initials M. A. H. (Minister Andrew Hutton), with an issue date of 1782, on the opposite side. 

Communion Token History

The Presbyterian church of Scotland issued communion tokens to members who successfully passed a test of knowledge of their faith after attending classes several days prior to the communion service. The communion token allowed the member to receive communion. The test kept unfaithful people from attending the communion and was used as a means of church discipline.

The practice of issuing the small lead or pewter communion tokens started during the Reformation period in Scotland (1605) and was at first a means to protect members from betrayal by spies during periods of religious persecution.  The practice of issuing communion tokens used for admission to communion service spread to Colonial North America and Canada.

The Presbyterian minister could take the tokens with him when moving to a new location and use the tokens regardless of the Parish name stamped on the coin.

The earliest communion tokens were considered to be holy objects. Over time the 'holiness' of the tokens diminished and church members kept the tokens as souvenirs.

 Minister Andrew Hutton-Biography

Andrew Hutton was licensed by the Presbytery of Dundee 4 September 1743. He subsequently was ordained to Glenisla 24 November 1757.  Mr. Hutton married 18 August 1870 Cecily Tullidelph (d. 18 March 1789), daughter of Thomas Tullidelph, Principal of St. Andrews University, and had seven children:

1. Thomas Hutton, b. 1 August 1761
2. James Hutton, b. 29 January 1763; d. 10 Sept 1766
3. Allison Hutton, b. 20 Sept 1764; d. 15 Oct 1766
4. David Hutton, b. 25 March 1766
5. Elizabeth Hutton, b. 4 May 1768; d. 27 May 1771
6. George Hutton, b. 23 May 1770
7. Cecil Hutton, b. 8 Oct 1772

Andrew Hutton transferred to Cults 28 October 1762; pres. by United College, St. Andrews, 7 Dec 1772; transferred and administered the Parish of Kilmany from 8 June 1773 until his death 14th Sept 1792.



Kilmany lies fives miles (8 kilometers) south of Dundee in the county of Fife, Scotland

Ministers of Kilmany Parish prior to 1800:

September 24, 1761-William Gibb
May 10, 1764--1772 John Adamson
8 June 1773-14 Sept 1792-Andrew Hutton
1792-John Cook

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