Charles Bowman and Jane Grant

Charles Bowman 1844-1916

Charles Bowman and Jane Grant


Parish of Tealing, Forfarshire, Scotland

Research & Family biography by Liz Smith

Dundee, Scotland

Standing (left to right): Ellen, Jean, Maggie and Mary.
Sitting: Bella, Bette, Jane Grant Grant, Lottie and Charles Bowman.
ca. early 1900s

Jane Grant 1846-1928



History of the Charles Bowman and Jane Grant family

Charles Bowman, was born 14 August 1844, at the Balkello Farm, in the Parish of Tealing, Forfarshire, Angus, Scotland. Charles, the youngest of five sons, was the 9th born child of John Bowman and Helen Guthrie. Three years previously the family had moved from the Mains of Carnegie, in the Parish of Carmylie, Forfarshire, Angus, Scotland, to the Balkello Farm a mile west of the village of Tealing where father John Bowman had obtained employment.

Charles older brothers were Thomas, b. 1829, James, b. 1834, John Guthrie, b. 1837, and George b. 1839. The boys were equally numbered by five sisters: Ann, b. 1825, Isabel b. 1827, Mary, b. 1831, Catherine, b. 1841, and Helen, b. 1847.


BALKELLO FARM, Parish of Tealing, Forfar, Scotland 1841-1847


Balkello farm, according to the census for 1841, consisted of the farmhouse, three cottages and the farm bothie. In one of the cottages (probably a two roomed one) lived Helen and John, with their five children, two daughters, Ann, (16) and Isabella (14), two sons, James (6) and John (4) and a new born baby girl named, Catherine. For reasons unknown, baby Catherine, born shortly before the June 6, 1841 census, was not enumerated.

 In the nearby cottages, at Balkello farm,  lived three other young families, including the family of   Thomas Bowman, age 36, his wife Margaret Dothey (Duthie), age 32, and four children: James, b. 1830, Jannet Christie, b. 1833, Isabella, b. 1837, and George, b. 1839.

Thomas and Margaret were married 26th December 1829 in Tealing. The children were born in the Parish of Mains & Strathmartine and Liff Benvie & Inergowrie. Missing from the census is daughter Isabella, age 4, who is probably deceased.

A research of Parish Records in Carmylie indicates that John Bowman and Thomas Bowman are brothers and children of David Bowman and Jean Mudie (Meadow).




BALCALK FARM, Parish of Tealing, 1841

Three children, Thomas, age 12, Mary, age 10, and George, age 2, are missing from the 1841 census.

Thomas, age 12, was working on a nearby farm called Balcalk, as an agricultural labourer. He was living with three fellow workers in the farm bothie. Mary, age 10, is not living at home, appears in the 1851 census. George, born in 1839, had died, probably of scarlet fever.


LEYSHED FARM, Parish of Murroes, 1847-about 1851/3

Three years after the birth of Charles, their last child, Helen, was born. About the same time the family moved to the Parish of Murroes where John went to work on the farm of Leyshed. Charles went to school in Murroes. After his father died, between 1851 and 1853, his mother moved back to Tealing.

MYRETON FARM, Parish of Murroes, 1851/3

Charles, who was now working on the farm of Myreton, stayed behind in Murroes. He was now 16 and a ploughman and was living in the 7-roomed farmhouse with the Hoods family.

MILL FARM, Parish of Murroes, 1871

Charles had moved to the farm of Mill of Murroes, living in a one-room farm bothie with three others. Charles Bowman married in Inverpeffer, St. Vigeans, a Tayside village, on December 6, 1873,  Jane Grant, daughter of David Grant and Barbara Chalmers. Jane Grant had an illegitimate daughter, named Barbara, born in 1870, which her mother had taken care of since birth.  

They continued to live on the Mill farm but in one of the cottages, one with three rooms.  Here over the next seven years they had four daughters and one son, all born and baptized at Mill of Murroes.

Two of Charles and Jane's daughters' middle names are "Kennely" presumably in honor of Charles' employer Mr. Kennely, who owned the Mill Farm.


Family of Charles Bowman and Jane Grant

Charles Bowman and Jane Grant had nine children: seven girls and two boys. The first five children: Helen, Margaret, Isabella, David, and Jane were born in the Mill of Murroes between 1874 and 1881. The remaining four children: Mary, Lizzie, John, and Charlotte were born in Dundee between 1884 and 1892.

Dundee, Scotland - 1884

By 1884 Charles and Jane had moved to Dundee, living on Blackness Road area, where Charles worked as a dairyman, possibly with his own business. Over the next few years two daughters, Mary Taylor, and Lizzie Kennely, and a son named John Guthrie, were born between 1884 and 1887.

Five years late in 1892 they moved to Baxter Street and Charles was for a brief period a master butcher. He then tried gardening and the family moved to Rosebery Street. This was still in the same area. Eldest daughter Helen Guthrie (Ellen) Grant married Norman Law in 1895.

Maggie married William Meffan Anderson in 1899 and Bella married John Arklie in 1901 and emigrated to Canada. Charles by then was a grain merchant's lorry man or carter.

Charles and Jane next moved to Lochee to 7 Yeaman's Lane where Charles had a dairy. Daughter Mary Taylor Bowman married Peter Crichton in 1907. The two youngest daughters Lizzie and and Charlotte married in 1915 and 1922.

7 Yeaman Lane, Dundee, Scotland. Charles Bowman, wife Jane Grant, and infant girl Crichton.
Photo ca. 1908-1912.




Balgay Cemetery, Dundee

The following are buried here:

1877 David Grant 58
1880 Mary Payne 28
1880 John Grant 33
1887 John Guthrie Bowman 20 days
1888 David Grant Bowman 9
1896 Alexander Allan 7 days
1912 Barbara Chalmers 92
1917 Margaret Ritchie 58
1935 David Grant 70 (79?)

In memory of
David Grant d. 8th June 1877
also his wife
Barbara Chalmers, d. 22nd Feb 1912
their daughter
Betsy, d. 21st May 1884
and their son John, d. 21st Sept 1880
their son David Grant, d. 12th Apr 1935
also his wife
Margaret W. Ritchie, d. 22nd Jan 1917
also his eldest daughter
Jessie Grant, d. 22 June 1971, aged 84 yrs

parents of Jane Grant



Died 28th JULY 1953
Age 73 YEARS
Died 8th MARCH 1977
Aged 93 YEARS


Death of Charles Bowman, 1916, and Jane Grant Bowman, 1928

By 1916 only Lottie remained at home. Charles, now aged 72,
appeared to be in good health but, one evening he went out to the
byre to see to the cows. When he didn't return Lottie went out to
see if anything was wrong. Her father had suffered a cerebral
hemorrhage and was dead.
Jane Grant was living with her daughter Charlotte, and son-in-law Edward Cooper in Laurencekirk, when she died at age 82, in 1928.



East Blackiemuir
Laurencekirk 12th March 1923

Dear Peter & Mary,

Sorry to convey the sad news of poor old Granny,
poor old Soul, passed away very quickly with little

I am forwarding to you this Certificate of Death.
And also the Burial Ground Rights.

We leave to you to see that the grave is opened and
every thing right concerning the Burial Grounds.

When the Funeral is passed & she is laid to rest, it was
Granny's wish that you keep this paper. Rights of Burial.

We expect the funeral to be on Thursday but can't say
for certain until we see some of the rest.

Yours very faithfully

Ed. M. Cooper


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