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Warwick, Sigi, & Davidson
Denver, Colorado


Scottish Beginnings
Parish of Tealing, near Dundee, Scotland

David Orrock, born March 24, 1857, Parish of Tealing, Forfarshire, Scotland, was the eldest child of Alexander Orrock and Cecilia Smith.  David grew up in Tealing, which is near Dundee, Scotland. His twin brothers, born April 18, 1859, named John Orrock and  Alexander Orrock, both died in the first month of life due to premature birth. A sister, Betsy Ann Kermath Orrock, was born, February 15, 1860.

In 1860, David's mother, Cecilia Smith, age 27, became handicapped, and was placed in the Sunnyside Montrose Asylum, where she lived the rest of her life, dying at age 81 in 1914.  Cecilia Smith came from a family of twelve siblings and was the daughter of Alexander Smith and Cecilia Arnot.



         Tarbrax area, Parish of Inverarity, Forfarshire, Scotland

Relatives in the Orrock family raised David and his younger sister Betsy Ann, in the Tarbrax area.


1860 - 1880 Early Childhood

In 1861, at age 4, David lived with at Tarbrax Tollhouse, with his 64 year-old aunt Martha Duncan while his sister Betsy age 1,  lived with her 64 year-old aunt Isabella Orrock, at Tarbrax Cottage.

Both David, age 14, and sister Betsy, age 11, were living with their aunt Martha Duncan in 1871 in the Parish of Inverarity. 

 David was employed as a farm servant, which he engaged in until the age of 18. David then apprenticed for three years to the blacksmith's trade near Dundee until the age of 21 in 1878.



 Parish of Inverarity & Methy, Angus/Forfarshire, Scotland

Alexander Orrock (1761-1837) & Rachel Crichton (ca. 1765-1837)
John Orrock (1807-1904)  & Ann Linn (ca. 1800-1846)
Alexander Orrock (1829-1880)  & Cecilia Smith (1833-1914 )
David L. Orrock (1857-1898) & Carrie L. Davidson (1869- 1958)
Cecile Smith Orrock                       David L. Orrock
         (1893-1975)                         (1896-1907) 
sp: Lester D. Warwick                  Died at age 11.


David's father Alexander Orrock, was chief forester of the Fothringham estate located in the parish of Inverarity & Methy, located several miles east of Tealing.  Alexander Orrock, born 1829,  was the eldest child of John Orrock and Ann Linn. Alexander Orrock was injured while working, and died September 08, 1880, in Tarbrax.   Alexander Orrock is buried in the Inverarity Churchyard. 

Grandfather John Orrock, was a contractor of turnpikes and macadamized roads and died at  the age of 97 in the Parish of Inverarity, Forfarshire, Scotland.   John Orrock had five children by his first wife Ann Linn: Alexander (1829), Isabella (1830); James (1832), Charles (1834) and David (1837).  Ann Linn died in 1846. John Orrock secondly married Jean Clark in 1849 and had two children: Agnes (1850) and John (1852).

Immigration to the United States - Denver, Colorado

In 1880, at the age of 23, David Orrock, departed Glasgow, Scotland on the S. S. Devonia, arriving in New York City.  He then traveled to Denver by train arriving at the Old Depot Station.  The first seven years in Denver, David worked as a blacksmith for the Union Pacific Railroad shop and later for a Mr. Reed, in a shop located at Market Street, between 17th and 18th Street.

David bought Mr. Reed's interest in the company and continued in the same location until 1887, when he bought the property at 1840 Market Street.  He had a 2-story building erected at the Market Street location that measured 50 x 70 feet.  The first floor was used
as a blacksmith shop, and for woodwork and trimming, while the second floor was a painting department.

Marriage - in Denver - 1887

David Orrock married Carrie L. Davidson on November 24, 1887 in Denver, Colorado. Carrie L. Davidson, born October 1, 1869, in Denver, was the daughter of Joseph Davidson, a native of Glasgow, Scotland  and Mary Davies, a native of Wales.

Present at the wedding was David's sister Betsy (Bessie) Ann Kermath Orrock, who arrived in Denver, Colorado, sometime between 1881 and 1885 and married George Johnson, a native of New York, b. ca. 1849. 

 Two children were born to this union of David and Carrie: Cecile Smith Orrock, born March 11, 1893, and David L. Orrock born  August 1895. In 1907 son, David L. Orrock, died at the age of 11.  He was buried August 7, 1907 at Riverside Cemetery, 5201 Brighton Boulevard, Adams County, Colorado. 

Daughter, Cecile Smith Orrock married Lester D. Warwick in 1920, in Castle Rock, Douglas County, Colorado. Cecile moved in with her mother Carrie, at 2615 Acoma Street, Denver, after her husband, Lester D. Warwick died in 1948. Cecile Orrock Warwick, an artist, died March 24, 1875, at age 82, after a brief illness at home.  She was a member of Pioneer Men and Women of Colorado. There were no immediate survivors.





David Linn Orrock


David's organized in November 1896 the  Orrock Carriage Company of which he was president, at 1840-46 Market Street, Denver, Colorado.  The company did most of the work for the fire department, Colorado and Denver Packing Companies, and Metropole Hotel. David made a specialty of the manufacture of express spring wagons, his being the best of the kind made in the city.  In addition he provided blacksmith services at his company.

The Orrock Carriage Company, 1840-1846 Market Street, Denver, Colorado
Denver Public Library, Western History Collection, A. S. Chappell, photographer, F11858. This photo cannot be copied or reproduced without explicit permission of the Denver Public Library. A usage fee was paid by the author for use in this internet web site.

Death - in Denver 1898

David, age 40, contracted erysipelas - a skin infection, more commonly known as St. Anthony's fire, caused by a strain of streptococcus  in January of 1898.  He died at his home at 2933 Stout Street, on January 18, 1898. David was buried at Riverside Cemetery, January 20, 1898.   

David was an officer in Union Lodge 1, International Organization of Odd Fellows, and a member of the Grand Encampment and Patriarchs Militant in the Caledonian Club of Denver.

David Orrick's Funeral
All members of Caledonian club, No. 1 of Colorado are
requested  to attend the funeral of David Orrick, which
 will occur from his late residence at 2933 Stout street
at 2 p.m. tomorrow

                                    David Orrock's Death
David Orrock, president of the Orrock Carriage company,
1840 Market street, died at his residence, 2933 Stout street
of erysipelas last night.  Mr. Orrock was a native of
Scotland and a prominent member of the Caledonia club.

Funeral Notices published in the Denver Post, Denver, Colorado, January 19, 1898

Mrs. Carrie Davidson Orrock - President of Orrock Carriage

Mrs. Carrie L. Orrock, continued the family business and became president of the Orrock Carriage Company.   The 1913 Denver Business Directory shows her home residence as 3210 Williams Street.

Carrie L. Davidson was the daughter of Captain Joseph C. Davidson and wife Marie Davies, who arrived in Denver in the year 1859.   When her father and mother came to Colorado, her mother was one of only 19 white women in the entire territory. 

Carrie was born ten years after Denver was settled and seven years before Colorado became a state. Her father, Joseph, was an officer with the First Colorado Cavalry regiment.

Father, Joseph Davidson, a wood dealer, was born in 1828, Glasgow, while mother Mary Davies, was born in 1839, in Wales.  Mary had two brothers: Thomas U. V. Davidson,  b. ca. 1859, Utah, and George Davidson, b. ca. 1865, Denver.

Joseph Davidson died sometime between 1870 and 1872 in Denver.  Mother Mary Davies married secondly Llewellyn Rees, a carriage builder, b. ca. 1841, Wales, on August 23, 1873 in Denver. 

Thomas U. V. Davidson at age 32, is listed as a machinist, in the 1892 Denver Business directory residing at 4533 Damson Street. 

Mrs. Carrie Davidson Orrock died June 6, 1958, at her residence, 2615 Acoma Street, Denver, Colorado. She was buried June 8, 1958, Riverside Cemetery, located in present day Adams County, Colorado. At the time of her death, daughter Cecile Orrock Warwick was listed as the only survivor.



David Orrock (1857-1898) & Carrie L. Davidson (1869- 1958)

Cecile Smith Orrock                       David L. Orrock
         (1893-1975)                         (1896-1907) 
sp: Lester D. Warwick                  Died at age 11.



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