Thomas Carroll Hayes

Thomas Carroll Hayes & Jessie Duff McGilvray
Riverside Cemetery, Colorado


Thomas S. Carroll Hayes


Jessie McGilvray Hayes


Thomas Carroll Hayes, was born June 1851, Ardfert, County of Kerry, Ireland.  He was the son of Patrick Hayes and Johanna Carroll who married February 17, 1844 in Ardfert.  Thomas attended school of design and stone cutting at Banna and Ardfert, County of Kerry, Ireland in his youth.

Patrick and Carroll had nine children who all immigrated to the United States in 1868 and settled in Toledo, Ohio.  Twenty years later Patrick and Carroll joined their children in Ohio. Both parents died before 1898: Patrick died while on a visit to Ireland and Johanna died in Toledo, Ohio.

Thomas Carroll Hayes

Thomas C. Hayes settled in Denver, Colorado in 1875 and worked as quarry foreman for Alexander Young in Morrison, Colorado.   Mr. Hayes had apprenticed as a stone cutter under Alexander Young in Ohio. Thomas previously worked in quarries in Ohio, Michigan, and Montreal, Canada for three years.

In 1878 Mr. Hayes began contracting in Denver as a member of the firm of Hayes & Cain, with a shop first on 5th and Larimer streets, then on 10th and Wazee streets, and finally on 6th and Lawrence.   Mr. Hayes has the distinction of being the first stone contractor in Denver.

Mr. Hayes, a stone cutter,  lived with David Cain, age 51, born Pennsylvania and wife Elizabeth, age 51, born England and their three children Emma, Mary, and Bessie in Denver in 1880. 


Jessie P. McGilvray

On the 11th of April 1882 Thomas Carroll Hayes married Jessie P. McGilvray, daughter of William McGilvray (deceased)  and Jessie Duff.  William McGilvray and Jessie Duff married in 1846 in the Parish of Inverarity, Scotland and shortly thereafter moved to County of Kerry, Ireland where Mr. McGilvray was employed as a stone cutter for 15 years.

Jessie P. McGilvray was born ca. 1857 in County of Kerry, Ireland, and lived her first three years in Ireland. After the death of her father William McGilvray in 1861 in Ireland, mother Mrs. Jessie Duff McGilvray, a native of the Parish of Inverarity, Scotland moved back home to family in Scotland with her six children.

Widow Jessie Duff McGilvray immigrated to the United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois in 1870, when Jessie was 13 years old.   The McGilvray family then moved to Denver, Colorado in 1872.

Thomas C. and Jessie P.  Hayes had two children: William Gladstone Hayes and Alice Hayes.  Thomas Carroll Hayes died June 24, 1906 while wife Jessie P. McGilvray died February 26, 1916 in Denver.  Both are buried at Riverside Cemetery in Denver, Colorado.

Alice S. Hayes

Alice S. Hayes, b. September 7, 1884, Denver, graduated from Leland Stanford College in Palo Alto, California in 1906.  Alice married David Chalmers on April 3, 1907 in Denver.  David and Alice moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 1913 making it their permanent residence for the next 53 years.

David Chalmers was president-treasurer of the David Chalmers Tobacco Company located at 724 Main Street in Kansas City, Missouri.  Other officers of the company included David's brother William M. Chalmers, vice-president, V. I. Dobson secretary and M. M. Flynn assistant treasurer.  David Chalmers died in 1963 while Alice Hayes died in 1966.  Both are interred at Elmwood Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri.

William Gladstone Hayes

William Gladstone Hayes, born August 8, 1887, Denver, died May 15, 1924 in Denver.  William was a member of Highlands Lodge No. 86, A. F. & F. M. William was buried at Riverside Cemetery May 18, 1924.




Mr. Hayes died June 24, 1906 of a heart attack, age 58, in Denver and was buried at Riverside Cemetery,  June 29th.  Wife Jessie and children Alice and William had just returned from a two year trip to Palo Alto, California where Alice  attended and graduated from Leland Stanford University.

Jessie's eldest brother John Duff McGilvray lived on the Leland Stanford University campus in the Escondite Cottage.

At the time of Thomas Carroll Hayes death in 1906 he owned Stone quarries in Fremont and Jefferson counties, Colorado.

He was an active member of the Denver chamber of commerce and board of trade; Director of the Master Builders association; and Treasurer of the Stone Cutters Association.

Jessie P. McGilvray Hayes died February 26, 1916, age 58, in Denver, and was buried at Riverside Cemetery March 1st.




The following is the biography of Thomas Carroll Hayes from the book "Portrait and Biographical Record" of prominent Denver men, published by Chapman Publishing Company, 1898.  Chicago.

"In 1878 he began contracting in Denver as a member of the firm of Hayes & Cain, with shop first on 5th and Larimer streets, then on 10th and Wazee streets, and finally on 6th and Lawrence. 

After dissolving his partnership with Mr. Cain he was alone for a time, then became the head of the firm of Hayes and McGilvray.

Among his contracts may be mentioned the following: Walla Halla Hall for Charles Leisenring; City Hall, built of Castle Rock stone; Glenarm Hotel, Alkire block, Colorado National Bank and Lathrop blocks, Times building, Symes block and the Daniels and Fisher building, the above by the firm of Hayes & Cain.

While alone he had many important contracts, among them that for the first stone front in Cheyenne, Wyoming, built by United States Senator (the Governor) R. E. Warren, and for a time used as the state capitol, but utilized for business purposes.

While in partnership with John D. McGilvray he built the post office, custom house, St. Leo's Church, Barth and Jacobson blocks, Wolfe Londoner and Pioneer blocks, Granite building, Lewis block, East Denver high school building, Logan School, North Denver high school building, Masonic Temple, I. O. O. F. block, East Turner Hall, Kittredge building, McPhee building, Welsh building (now Albert Hotel), McClintock and McCune blocks, power houses for both the tramway and cable, Kinneavy block, both cable viaducts and bridges across the river.

Since he has been alone a second time he has built the Printers' National Home in Colorado Springs and rebuilt the Union Depot after the fire; also the Hayes terrace on 13th and Curtis streets.

Mr. Hayes was one of the incorporators of the Denver Paving Company, of which some of the prominent men in Denver and on the Pacific coast are members. He is director of the Master Builders' Association, and is treasurer of the Stone Cutters' Association. On the organization of the Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade he became identified therewith. He owns an interest in large granite quarries in Freemont County, and is also interested in the Platte Canon quarries in Jefferson County.

In Denver he married Miss Jessie McGilvray, who was born in Ireland, but lived in Forfarshire, Scotland, from the age of three until she came to the United States. They have two children, Alice Hayes and William Gladstone Hayes. "


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