Parish of Inverarity & Methy Scotland

INVERARITY & METHY Parish Kirkyard

Story by Liz Smith, Dundee, Scotland


The New Church 1754

The Kirk Session Minutes report that the last service in the old church took place on the 16th June 1754. The new building wasn’t ready and the sermon was preached ‘in the fields’ till Sunday the 27th of October which was the first service in the new church.

In 1762 a new Kirk Bible was bought at a cost of £24.

West end of church

A new loft was then built at the west end of the church
 and David Grant did the joiner work for this.

 James Smith did the metal work. Timber for the loft
came from Dundee by cart. The lead for the loft roof
was put in place in December of 1754.


East end of church

 Various payments were made throughout 1755 and 1756 as work continued on ‘the Lofts’ implying that one was built at perhaps the east end of the church as well.


South end of church


The old gravestones were brought
from the old churchyard to the new
one and may still be seen against
the south dyke.



Spalding Stone moved from old churchyard
lying on ground against the south dyke

  John Spalding and Isobel Kinneer married June 2, 1725,
Inverarity & Methy.


By Isobel Kinneer
in memory of
John Spalding, d. May 10, 1768, age 68,
wright, Galafould,
and children
 Jannet, John, Anne, Alexander, and James

Christening dates of children:
Jannet Spalding, daughter, (c) March 25, 1726
John Spalding, son, (c) December 26, 1727
Anne Spalding, daughter, (c) July 20, 1730
Alexander Spalding, son (c) April 26, 1732
James Spalding, son, (c) November 28, 1736



Repairs to Church 1812

The Heritors provided the money for repairs to the church which began on the 22nd of July. They must have been quite major repairs because the church was closed for the next two Sundays. The minutes reported that a tent was erected on the 9th of July in the Churchyard (a payment of 1/6 was made on the 13th of September to Andrew Davidson for erecting the tent). It seems probable that the tent was used for services. Perhaps the repairs took longer than expected.

Note rope on side of church used to ring the bell



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