James Izett, born 1862, Scotland, worked as a blacksmith for Orrock Carriage Company in Denver from approximately 1885 - to-1888.  On October 31, 1888, James opened a shop at 1131 Welton Street, manufacturing delivery wagons.  

Following is the genealogy of the Izett family who arrived in Denver, Colorado in 1872.
Note: Many thanks to Glen A. Izett, for editing family statistics, and providing corrections,
which included errors in the  biographical record published in the Portrait & Biographical
Records of Denver, published by Chapman Publishing, Chicago, 1898.  In addition Mr. Izett,
personally traveled to Scotland and researched records in the families home parish.

James Izett, b. May 22, 1797, Ponfeigh, Carmichael Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Wife: Janet Weir
Toll-gate keeper at Lanark and later a country inn keeper

James Izett, 'the Immigrant, b. February 28, 1842, Dalry Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland, died April 1889, Denver, Arapahoe (now Denver) County, Colorado, USA

* Occupation: Denver & Rio Grande Railroad 1871-1878-Carpenter
* Merchandising Store at 1163 Welton Street - 1878-1889. NW Corner
   of 12th and Welton.
* Immigration: James came to America in 1872 and settled in Denver,
  Colorado, USA.
* Elizabeth died in 1872 -possibly from complications of childbirth

Spouse 1: Elizabeth Harvey (Elisae Harvie) (1842-1872)
Married: May 6, 1862, Lesmahago Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Daughter of John Harvey and Ann Carmichael, Lanarkshire, Scotland.



1.  James Izett, b. 2 June 1862, Lesmahago Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Died 7 December 1948, Los Angeles, California
     * Attended grammar school in Denver and one year at Boulder High School.
     * Age 16, apprenticeship in blacksmith's trade under William Reid for 4 years
     * Age 20, became a journeyman blacksmith.  Colorado Iron Works & then
        Denver & Rio Grande shops.
     * Age 21, went to Glasgow on the ship S. S. Devonia in 1883.
     * Worked in Perth Scotland, then Dubbs Locomotion Works in Glasgow as a
        blacksmith.  Became a Mason.
     * Returned to the United States in 1885 and went to work for David Orrock
        as a blacksmith, at the Orrock Carriage Company, located at 1840-46 Market
        Street, Denver.
     * 1913 Denver Directory:  James Izett, wagon manufacturing, and automobile
         repairing 1450-1460 Inca.

        Spouse:  Alexandra Illingworth, born 9 September 1867, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, step-daughter of Gordon & Jane Fraser. Died 2 March 1950, Los Angeles, California.

       Married: December 25, 1889.  Denver, Colorado.

       1-a.  Jeannie I. Izett- b. November 1890, Denver
       1-b.  Elizabeth H. Izett - b. September 1892, Denver
       1-c.  Douglas James Izett Jr.- b. March 20, 1898, Denver

2. Annie Carmichael Izett, b. 14 Jan 1864, Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanark Scotland;
    died 1953-Jefferson County, Colorado.

3. John Harvey Izett, b. 15 February 1866, Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    died October 15, 1906 Trinidad, Colorado.
    Spouse: Janet Andrews, b. 1874, Scotland
    Married: October 19, 1893, Denver, Colorado

     3-a. James H. Izett, b.& d. September 26, 1894, Denver
     3-b. Mary Elizabeth Izett, b. march 1896, Denver

4. Alexander Harvey Izett, b. 1 January 1868, Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland; d. near the Colorado/Wyoming border (Source Glen A. Izett)
Spouse: Grace Cunningham
Married September 28, 1892, Denver


      4-a: James H. Izett, b. August 1894, Denver

5. William Harvey Izett, b. June 7, 1870, Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland; died 1919, Denver, Colorado
Spouse: Anna W. Brunton
Married: September 29, 1892, Denver, Colorado


    5-a: William Brunton Izett, b. April 18, 1897, Denver
    5-b: Thomas Harvey Izett, b. February 8, 1902

6.  Elizabeth Izett, born and died in 1872, Denver, Arapahoe County, Colorado


Spouse 2: Jane Harvey (Jane Harvie), August 31, 1850, Scotland.
Married: April 29, 1873, Denver, Colorado

 * Jane Harvey Izett, continued managing/owning the merchandising/grocery store
    at 1163 Welton Street, for many years.

7. Jessie Weir Izett, b. 1874, Denver, Colorado
    Spouse: Hugh Ford, b. 1868, District of Columbia, Silent Film Director/Writer' d. 1952
                 son of George Ford and Henrietta Price
                 (Source:   Who's Who Biography of Hugh Ford)
    Married March 27, 1899, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Occupation: Stage & Silent Film Actress
    Residence: Manhattan, New York

8. Margaret Izett, b. 1877, Denver, Colorado
    Spouse: Frank M. Dewees
    Married: December 4, 1904

9. Archibald Lindsay Izett, b. July 4, 1875, Denver, Colorado
    Spouse: Helen Harvey
    Married: June 17, 1899, Jefferson County, Colorado

10. Glen Afton Izett, b. May 3, 1879, Denver, Colorado
      Spouse: Alice Mae Rennick
      Married: December 6, 1902, Denver, Colorado
11. Isabel Ingles Izett, b. September 1886, Denver, Colorado
      Spouse: William S. Broderick
      Married: June 22, 1912, Denver, Colorado