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John Bowman and Helen Guthrie were married 15th May 1824 in Balkemback, Parish of Tealing. John Bowman, a farm servant - a ploughman, was born 19 January 1798, in Mains of Affleck, the son of David Bowman and Jean Meadow (Mudie).

David Bowman and Jean Meadow married 30 November 1793 in Monikie. They had six children: 1) George Bowman, b. 3 April 1796, Newton of Affleck; 2) John Bowman, b. 19 Jan 1798; 3) Thomas Bowman, b. 11 April 1800, Eastfield, Auchterhouse; 4) Ann Scott Bowman, b. 4 December 1802, Eastfield, Auchterhouse; 5) James Scott Bowman, b. 31 January 1805, Eastfield, Auchterhouse; and 6) David Bowman, b. 5 July 1807, Eastfield, Auchterhouse.

Helen Guthrie, born 15th August 1802, in Monikie, was the daughter of Alexander Guthrie, a master tailor, and Catherine Kidd.

Alexander Guthrie and Catherine Kidd (Kaithran Kydd) were married 2 February 1794, in Monikie. They had ten children all born in Monikie: 1) John Guthrie, c. 23 November 1794; 2) Margaret Guthrie, c. 19 June 1796; 3) Isobel Guthrie c. 27 March 1798; 4) Alexander Guthrie, c. 14 August 1800; 5) Helen Guthrie, b. 15 August 1802; 6) James Guthrie c. 26 August 1804; 7) Anne Guthrie c. 4 September 1806; 8) William Guthrie c. 26 August 1808; 9) George Guthrie, c. 3 May 1810; and 10) Charles Guthrie, c. 8 October 1812.


Balkemback Farm
Photos by Liz Smith


John Bowman and Helen Guthrie had ten children: 5 girls and five boys. The five girls were: Ann, b. 1825, Isabel, b. 1827, Mary, b. 1831, Catherine, b. 1841, and Helen, b. 1847. The five boys were: Thomas, b. 1829, James, b. 1834, John Guthrie, b. 1837, George, b. 1839, and Charles, b. 1844. The first seven children were born in the Parish of Carmyllie, while the last three: Catherine, Charles and Helen were born in Balhills, Parish of Tealing.



Bakello Farm is located three miles east of the
Village of Tealing and one and one-half miles
west of the Kirkton of Auchterhouse.


The John Bowman/Helen Guthrie family was enumerated at the Balkello Farm in Tealing in the 1841 census.

Also working at the Balkello Farm in 1841 is a Thomas Bowman, age 36, b. ca. 1805. It is believed that Thomas is John Bowman's brother.

Thomas Bowman lists his birdate as 1805 in the 1841 census which is five years off from the birthdate of 11 April 1800, listed in the Auchterhouse register for the birth of Thomas Bowman to the parents David Bowman and Jean Mudie (Meadow).




1) Ann Bowman, b. Sept 8, 1825, Cottown of Wester Skichen, Parish of Carmyllie

2) Isabel Bowman, b. June 3, 1827, Cottown of Wester Skichen, Parish of Carmyllie. 1881-Jute power loom worker.

3) Thomas Bowman, b. April 25, 1829, Wester Skichen, Parish of Carmyllie

4) Mary Bowman, b. Aug 5, 1831, Curleys, Parish of Carmyllie
Spouse: George Chrichton. Children John, James William, Mary.
1881-Jute power loom worker.

5) James Bowman, b. Oct 10, 1834, Ward of Carnegie, Parish of Carmyllie

6) John Guthrie Bowman, b. Jan 25, 1837, Ward of Carnegie, Parish of Carmyllie. Spouse: Mary Ann Hogg. Married December 8, 1865, Parish of Panbide.

7) George Bowman, b. June 16, 1839, Mains of Carnegie, Parish of Carmyllie.

8) Catherine Bowman, b. June 3, 1841, Bakello Farm, Parish of Tealing.

9) Charles Bowman, b. Aug, 14, 1844, Balkello Farm, Parish of Tealing. Spouse: Jane Grant: Married June 12, 1874, Inverpeffer, St. Vigeans.

10) Helen Bowman, b. Feb 26, 1847, Bakello Farm, Parish of Tealing. 1881-Jute power loom worker.


John Bowman, born 1798, died
sometime between 1851 and 1861,
aged 53-63 years old.

Helen Guthrie, born 1803, died
17 January 1882, at 183 South Road,
Lochee, Dundee. Helen was
buried in Tealing.

Sunset in Tealing-photo by Liz Smith


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