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John Guthrie Bowman, born 25th of January 1837, Ward of Carnegie, Parish of Carmyllie, Scotland, was the 6th born child of John Bowman and Helen Guthrie.
John Guthrie Bowman married Mary Ann Hogg 8 December 1865, in the Parish of Panbride. Mary Ann Hogg, born the 24th of March 1840 in Parish of Barry,
Angus, Scotland, daughter of Alexander Hogg, senior slater, and Ann Scott.


Bible of Alexander Hogg & Ann Scott,
Married 16th February 1838

Child Born Married
Alexander Hogg 23 Dec 1838 Eliz. Lamb
Mary Ann Hogg 24 March 1840

John G. Bowman

William Hogg 17 Jan 1842 Lilly Love
Elizabeth Hogg 11 Sept 1844 William Milne
Cecilia Hogg 26 May 1847 George Sterling
The above named Ann Scott died 5 Nov 1879

Bible of John Bowman & Mary Ann Hogg,
Married 8th December 1865


son John Guthrie Bowman & Margaret Jane Kinnear,
Married 1900, Dundee, Scotland




Children of John Guthrie Bowman and Mary Ann Hogg.

1. Daughter, Still Born November 25, 1866, at A1 Princess Street, Dundee
2. Annie Scott Bowman, Born March 10, 1868, at 176 Hilltown, Dundee
3. John Guthrie Bowman, Born June 29, 1870, at 14 Balfower St, Dundee
4. Alexander Hogg Bowman, Born December 29, 1872, at Balfower St, Dundee
5. George Stirling Bowman, Born May 31, 1875, at 22 Balfower St., Dundee
Killed in action Nov 11, 1916 Somme France
6. Cecilia Hogg Bowman, Born May 6, 1878 at 16 Balfower St, Dundee
7. Susan Hogg Bowman, Born Sept 27, 1880 at 16 Balfour St Dundee
8, Mary Ann Hogg Bowman, Born June 24, 1883, at 16 Balfour St, Dundee


Children of John Guthrie Bowman and Mary Ann Hogg






At the time of his death, John Guthrie Bowman was employed as a Lorry Driver. His death certificate lists his cause of death as "contusions to the abdomens 3 days." Family folklore states that John was in the farmyard training a horse, when a young stable boy started teasing the horse. The agitated horse kicked John in the abdomen and he died as a result of his injuries.



John Guthrie Bowman and wife Mary Ann Hogg are buried in the Balgay Cemetery located in Lochee Park, in Lair 1319, on a wooded hill, across the street from the World War I Memorial. John Guthrie Bowman died 6th September 1890 and Mary Ann Hogg died 16th March 1903.


Balgay Cemetery

The headstone reads:

In Loving Memory of
Our Dear Father & Mother
John G. Bowman
Born 1837 Died 1890
Mary Ann H. Bowman
Born 1840 Died 1903
George S. Bowman
Born 1875 Killed in France 1916
Ann S. Bowman
Born 1868 Died 1926

Photo by Liz Smith, taken Oct. 2002



John G. Bowman, Mary Ann Hogg, and Grandchild Marion B. Kidd are buried in Lair 1318. Daughter Ann S. Bowman is not buried in this cemetery. Annie died 26th February 1926, Maryfield Hospital. She was buried in an unmarked pauper's grave, located in the centre of the cemetery, in a large grassy area, in Dundee's Eastern Cemetery. George Stirling Bowman is not buried here either - burial location unknown.


Arrow points at the gravesite of John Guthrie Bowman and Mary Ann Hogg Bowman.
The grave is in a sloping bank and quite tidy. The stone is a small one and has broken
off its plinth. Photo by Dennis Sweet, November 2002.

View from the gravesite looking towards the World War I Memorial.
Photo by Dennis Sweet, November 2002.



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