John Guthrie Bowman and Margaret Jane Kinnear

John Guthrie Bowman and Margaret Jane Kinnear

John Guthrie Bowman, (1870-1951) the 3rd born child of John Guthrie Bowman and Mary Ann Hogg, a merchant and spirit dealer, married Margaret Jane Kinnear (1874-1951), in 1900 in Dundee.

John G. Bowman and Margaret Jane Kinnear had four children - three girls and one boy all born in Dundee, Scotland. Isabella H.Bowman (1901-1970), John G. Bowman (1902-1923), Gladys M.J Bowman (1904-1988) and A.F.Bowman (deceased).

Margaret Jane Kinnear, born 1874 in Teuchat Croft, Forfar, daughter of James Kinnear (1814-1890) and Isabella Orrock (1837-1910). Her brother William Hill Kinnear, was born in 1871. William married Isabella Cameron, daughter of Esquire David Wilkie Cameron and Isabella Peters, in 1899, in Dundee.

James Kinnear first married Emily Linn in 1848-they had one daughter who died in infancy; Emily had six girls from her first husband James Crabb- they married in 1836.

Isabella Orrock had three children by her previous marriage to David Birrell-namely Helen Birrell who married William Bridie in 1898; and a set of twins named David and James who died in infancy.

Isabella also had two children born out of wedlock: Isabella Dewar Orrock in 1856; and Charles Orrock in 1868. Both of these children took on the Birrell surname, becoming Isabella Orrick Birrell and Charles Stewart/Stuart Birrell.